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How Uber for Dry Cleaning App Works

Our Uber for laundry app bestows an online channel to the users to get the dry cleaning related services by choosing the desired packages without going out of their place. After picking the services, the delivery staff pick the clothes from the customer’s place and drop to the same location as mentioned by the customer. The admin can scan the whole workings through the dashboard. For a detailed version of working just press the below button.

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Extended Features of Uber for Laundry App

The enriched features of the online solution enables the service providers or owner of the laundry store to represent the business more efficiently. The customers can get cleaned and folded clothes at their home hassle-free. The pick and drop facility is offered by the owners to the users with the help of delivery software.

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Business Dashboard

The administrative features of uber for laundry enable the service providers to deliver the dry cleaning services online by investing minimum money. The extended features allow the owners to add or remove various types of various features in the list. The dashboard helps the owners to get the complete information of all the orders- past and current orders, a complete list of all the customers & delivery experts, online payment methods, revenue produced in a day, week or month.

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    Manages the Customers

    The dry cleaning app enables them to manage the profiles of the customers and resolve the issues if arises while acquiring services.

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    Route Management

    It allows admins to manage the routes for the driving staff and highlight the routes and designations.

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    Advance Analytics

    Helps to have a full record of past services taken by the experts, inventories, and revenue details generating in the past.

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    Manages the Online Payments

    Service providers have access to organize the payment channels and to sort the problem if customers find any while any transaction.

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Consumer Mobile Application

A platform of dry cleaning app development solution specifically designed for all individuals who want to get cleaned and folded clothes on their selected timings at the doorsteps. The features embedded in this online panacea enables them to get the updation of the services online and pay for the services by using in-app payment options.

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    This enables them to get the register with valid documents such as a mobile number or a social media account.

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    Order Status

    This feature enables them to choose the package for laundry and check the previous and current status of the booking or booked services

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    Track Facility

    The customers can track the laundry experts and get to know the real-time image.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Allows them to pay online for the obtained laundry services through multiple mobile gateways, card or cash options.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

The beauty of our embedded features of the pickup & delivery platform of uber for laundry empowers the experts to have a uber-like experience by getting the list of all deliveries and requests of all the services. The experts of app development solution can check the payment status of all the orders, text customers through online chat options, identify the shortest route that helps them to reduce the delivery time and fuel.

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    Create Profile

    The user and the dry cleaning experts can edit their profiles and update their information from the app.

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    In-App Payments

    Enables them to collect the cash from the customers who have chosen the cash on delivery option while selecting the laundry services.

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    Accept or Reject the Request

    It allows them to accept or reject the request of the customers for cleaning services.

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    History Details

    This feature may include all past histories of the customers and their payment details labeled with the delivered time and date.

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