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How Our UberEats Clone Script Works

Our UberEats clone script bestows the online users to customize their food ingredients, choose the desired variety of the food, and have it without stepping out. After selecting, the delivery team gets the list of all the deliverables online for delivery purposes. The owner can get the full information of their business through the dashboard.

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ravi garg, trakop, uber-eats-clone, food, management

Extended Features of UberEats Clone App

The enriched features of our system allow the customers to order their favorite food online and deliver them to the customer’s doorsteps. Getting orders online, offering a complete menu, assigning the orders to the delivery squad, getting payments online are some of the pivotal features.

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Business Dashboard

A unique and secured panel that enables the owners to manage and look after the whole food business through the admin dashboard.

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    View all the users, having an idea of numbers of orders in a day or weekly, a perfect look of revenue generated on different days in a concise way.

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    Customer Management

    This feature allows the admin to organize the customers that may involve handling their profile, past records of the meal orders, etc.

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    Route Management

    Enables them to analyze the best delivery routes for delivering the meal for the delivery man.

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    Payment Integration

    Getting money from the customers through different online payment options and paying to the drivers.

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Consumer Mobile Application

A platform specifically made for all the individuals that wants to order different food items online daily or weekly.

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    With the valid documents, a customer can register themselves. It may include a smartphone number or an email id.

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    Picking the Type of Food Items

    This feature allows them to choose the meal mentioned in the online menu with the quantity.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Allows customers to pay for the ordered food in multiple ways such as- credit cards, debit cards, or in cash.

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    This feature enables them to have online messages about the successful delivery of the online ordered food

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

A unique floor that allows the delivery man to deliver the meals to the mentioned address.

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    By providing the valid details- a smartphone number and email id, the driver expert can get eligible for the delivery process.

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    To Get the Status of the Order

    This feature allows them to know the status of the food that is confirmed or being prepared or is delivered.

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    To Get the Details of the Customers

    Calling option is a must feature that enables them to call the customer in case of any discrepancy.

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    Payment Options

    Receiving money from the customer if the customer has picked the cash on delivery option.

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