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How Our Pizza Delivery Management System Works

Through their mobile apps for pizza delivery, customers can customize their pizza. After getting the order online, they can assign the order to the delivery man for delivery processes and notify the users regarding the delivery of the food. The features of our system allow the owners to keep an eye on everything just with their personal platform.

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ravi garg, trakop, pizza deliver app, pizza, management

Best Features of Pizza Delivery Management Software

The selection of different pizzas and selecting the ingredients with a single click, optimize the different routes, automated billing, and multiple online payment ways are few features that are making our mobile app for pizza delivery an awesome solution to use for service providers as well as for the customers.

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Business Dashboard

The extended features of the pizza delivery app development solution helps the owner to manage their business through the dashboard window.

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    User Management

    It enables them to review the full profile of a customer (remove or add their profile), to review the previous and ongoing orders, etc.

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    Route Management

    It enables them to manage routes for delivery experts that further helps them to reach to the destination of the customer.

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    Billing Management

    The dashboard allows them to handle all tasks related to billing and with the complete history and helps them to have an idea about the earnings.

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    Manage Orders And Payments

    Just with the dashboard, service providers can review the history of all orders and payments.

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Consumer Mobile Application

Our online platform enables the customers of pizza ordering businesses to select any kind of pizza and select the ingredients to customize the food. Some of the important features are-

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    Login/Sign Up

    To avail all the services, users need to log-in to the pizza delivery app solution by providing valid details of social media account or mobile number.

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    A Complete List of All Types of Pizzas

    Through this feature customer can see the complete list of available items that further allow them to choose their favorite one.

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    Online Payment Options

    It allows them to pay through their credit cards, online payment gateways, debit cards, or cash options.

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    This feature enables the users to accord their experience to the provider’s online wall. It helps the providers to get more business in the future.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

It allows the pizza delivery drivers to deliver at the doorsteps of the customers as per the given instructions.

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    To deliver the goods, drivers need to mention all the important details such as- mobile number, social media account

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    List of All Deliveries

    It enables them to know the address of the customer for delivery purposes.

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    Payment Options

    With this option, they can collect the payment in cash and receive their payment from the owner.

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    Delivered Or Not Delivered

    Through this option, the admin can easily know the status of the order ordered by a customer.

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