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How Does Top Laundry Delivery and Management Software Works

The laundry management solution helps them to give all kinds of services to the customer’s doorsteps. After signing in the online solution, customers requests for the laundry services offered by the service provider, after accepting the request by the service providers, the delivery staff offers the pick and drop services to the customers through delivery software. Owners can track the delivery team through the software. To know the detailed working of the software please press the button given below.

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ravi garg, trakop, laundry delivery, laundry delivery, management

Key Features of Laundry Delivery and Management Solution

The ultimate features help the owners to maximize the boundaries of their laundry business and represent the one store to multiple customer’s smartphone screens. Handling orders, managing accounts of all users, billing information, revenue, in-app payments are some of the features that make the business sophisticated yet powerful for the laundry service providers.

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Business Dashboard

Get smart dashboard to automate dispatching & tracking in real-time

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    Customer Management

    Allows the admin to establish the orders, edit them for specific days, manage customer-related data, etc.

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    Manage Listing & Subscription

    A list of services of all businesses can easily be monitored with a real-time tracking system. A detailed view of subscription plans mentioned with distribution times and quantity of products.

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    Analytical Reports

    To get an idea regarding sales and logistics.

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    Earning Details

    Allows the admin to manage all the earning details of the orders.

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Consumer Mobile Application

Create Delivery mobile app & website for your customers

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    After registering themselves via a social media account, users get an account that can only be accessed by an authenticated user.

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    Choose Service

    Option to choose services for a specific date and time by mentioning the required quantity.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Allow customers to pay for subscribed solutions/services by using multiple payment options.

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    Customers get updates for all the important events through a push message or an email.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

Give your Delivery Team the most powerful, and easy to use App

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    Enable the drivers to register themselves with the help of a social media account to further get access to the software.

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    Daily Delivery Sheet

    Enables them to get an idea about the orders of a certain product as mentioned by the customers with assigned paths.

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    Optimized Routes

    Shortest & Optimized routes helps your agent to manage multiple deliveries.

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    Customers get updates for all the important events through a push message or an email.

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Delivery Management Software

Our software enables entrepreneurs to represent their business or services online with a smart & simple user interface, helps in reducing the operational cost and helps them to churn out maximum revenue.

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