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How Our Cannabis Delivery Software Works

The robust software enables the service providers to add all the products in the list of the products. As cannabis is available in different forms- customers can select the required one into their cart and pay by using in-app payments. With the help of driver software, the delivery experts deliver the ordered weed to the customer’s doorstep. Click on the button to discuss advanced or customizable features.

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Top Features of Cannabis Delivery App Development Software

Whether you own a dispensary or medical store, the in-built features help the cannabis industry to make huge profits by enabling the online customers to order the weed, cannabis, marijuana, in the tablet form or in powdered form. The owner gets the complete visibility of their business with the help of a dashboard and offers to get the uber-like experience to their customers. Empower Your Cannabis Delivery Business with Cannabis App Development Software.

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Business Dashboard

This platform is designed to sort all the problems of the service providers. By spending little in cannabis delivery app development solutions, you can organize, handle, and get a real-time view of their business through the dashboard feature. Categorize the products or display them individually, add or remove from the list, are some of the benefits it offers to the owners dealing with the weed, cannabis, marijuana, etc. Some of the other features are-

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    Manage Users

    This feature allows them to manage the profile of all types of users- drivers, and customers, etc.

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    Manage Payments

    Enables the admin to review and manage payment options and to deal with the billing-related tasks.

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    Offers & Discounts

    Selling tacts features that help to attract more customers and generating more revenue and profits.

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    Access to check the full record of sold products, products required in the inventory, and revenue details of a day, week or month.

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Consumer Mobile Application

The unique features of app development software enable the customers to order weed, marijuana, online without stepping out and get them at their doorsteps. By using in-built features, customers can filter the available products price-wise or category-wise, and use the on-going offers easily.

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    This mandatory step allows the customers to fill their details like- mobile no. and social media id, etc to avail the services of the app development solution.

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    Search and Select the Services

    This feature allows the users to search for a particular product and add it in the cart.

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    Order Tracking

    It enables them to order real-time and get notification about the order status.

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    In-App Payment Options

    Allows them to pay for the ordered items by using cash payment option, card payments, or mobile payment gateways.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

A specific part of cannabis delivery software is a driver app that helps them to get the complete list of all the deliveries ordered by the customers. The list indulges the complete information of customers, the address of the customers, contact information, payments, etc. As per the mentioning particulars, the delivery software helps the driver experts to deliver the products to the customer’s doorsteps.

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    This feature helps them to create a profile by filling valid details like- a phone number or email address.

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    List of Delivery Products

    It enables them to get the list of all the products that are going to deliver to the customer’s place as per their online orders.

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    Online Payment Feature

    Allows them to know the details of the payments done or in-process. They can collect money from the user in case of COD.

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    Chat Options

    Helps them to interact with customers by using text messages or calling options.

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