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June 8, 2020

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Today, service providers or business owners are looking to switch to their way of doing business through new and innovative methods. One of them is the mobile applications used to deliver things online. After showing the magic of these white label apps in the food and grocery sectors. Now the meat industry is taking advantage of online delivery apps.

Because of the ease and effectiveness of white-label mobile apps, online meat delivery services are preferring to use them to automate their services. The problem here is that people have very little knowledge about these online meat delivery app solutions. If you are the one working in the meat business or having a butcher store or have a chain of meat stores, this blog is for you. You must read the points written below. These points would surely help you to know how online meat delivery software can help you to increase your business efficiency.

Importance of Readymade Apps for Meat Delivery

First of all, the importance of having ready-made apps for meat delivery services is because in the coming future the number of smartphone users is going to increase. Therefore, it is a great sign that they are going to search for everything on their phone to order anything.

If we talk about the present scenario, there are a number of smartphone owners that are using online mobile delivery app software to order different things. The count of online users is increasing day by day. The business owners wanted to gain this advantage by operating online. Without wasting time, let’s discuss white-label mobile apps used by meat delivery service providers.

What is White-Label Mobile Apps for Meat Delivery Services?

Without any doubt, meat delivery app development solutions have eliminated the distance between the meat sellers and consumers. Just with a mobile phone, the consumer can order whatever they want. The service providers can showcase their products as the meat industry itself has a broader working. The white label meat delivery software enables the owners to list down all the meat options in different categories.

Similarly, the customers can check the availability of listed products, select them into the cart and proceed for the order after paying it with in-app payment options. The amazing facility of online meat delivery software is that it ensures the delivery of ordered meat at mentioned doorsteps.

It is right to write here that getting a meat order and placing a meat order is just a click away.

Working Of Meat Delivery Software

It is the mechanism that is responsible for the working of meat delivery software. To make the whole processing from ordering to delivery easy; the experts have made three different platforms that represent different users. Like-

The Admin panel of meat delivery software represents the service providers of meat or owner of butcher stores, etc.

Delivery app panel of meat delivery software is made for the delivery experts whose work is just to take orders from the service providers and deliver to the customer’s place.

And the last one is a customer panel of meat delivery software; they are the clients who wanted it. With these online meat ordering apps, they can select the required quantity of meat and place the order within seconds.

White Label Meat Delivery App Software- Key Features of Each Panel

Every Feature is equipped with unique features that help them to get the full advantage of mobile apps for meat delivery. Read below to get complete knowledge.

Admin App of Meat Delivery Software

As explained above, this platform enables service providers to integrate their manual work into online working. Reduction in mistakes, getting online meat orders 24/7, eliminating the hassle of using pen, paper, calculator, etc. are some of the advantages that enable them to own a white-label meat delivery application. The owners can track the complete business from their smartphones. Some of the key features are

  • Management of Online Users- It allows them to manage the profiles of all users such as – customers or delivery men. The service provider can manage every user easily.
  • Live Dashboard-  This key feature enables butcher store owners to review the complete data of the total number of sales orders in a day, week, month. They can check everything happening in a business online 24/7 from their smartphone by putting their required login details.
  • Reports and Analytics- It is a complete detail of all the payment-related data and reports in analytics that include profits made in a day, week, or in a month. In short, it is a kind of report card used to see the productivity of the complete meat business.
  • Set the Categories- From making the categories from one to many, with this key feature service providers can categorize meat into different varieties. Additionally, they can set/alter or change their price time-to-time.

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Delivery App of Online Meat Delivery Software

The dispatchers are required to deliver the ordered meat to the customer’s place. From this platform, they can get to know the number of delivery orders, their locations, etc. Without disturbing anybody, delivery men can work independently with this online platform.

Register-in- To deliver the meat, dispatchers need to get access from the owners. With the in-built features of online meat delivery software, the dispatcher can get access. All they need to do is to enter valid details such as- mobile number, email id, etc.

  • In-app Payment Options- Before delivering the meat or related ordered items to the mentioned address they can review the status of the payment ‘paid’ or ‘not paid’. Another option enables them to get the payments in cash from the clients.
  • Route- To ease the delivery work, dispatchers can view the different routes online and choose the shortest one that helps in finding the locations of the customers quickly. All these functions increase the efficiency and productivity of the business.
  • Status of Delivery- These are kinds of alert messages that enable the meat service providers to know the delivery of meat to their required mentioned locations. By pressing the option of ‘delivered’, delivery men can intimate the status of online meat orders.
  • In-app Communication Options- To contact clients and butcher store owners, service providers, etc delivery staff can contact directly with this feature in case of any emergency.

Customer App OF Meat Delivery Services

This platform enables online consumers to order meat from the meat service providers without stepping out. It is an indispensable platform with the impeccable features that allows them to get ordered meat, pork, chicken, etc at their doorstep.

  • Sign in- Similar to the driver app, the consumers need to fill in some important information to get online access of ordering through online meat delivery software that may include- a smartphone number, details of social media account, etc.
  • Order Meat from the Online List- From the mentioned categories, customers can choose the required type of non-veg and also mention the quantity too in order to get the online ordering.
  • In-app Calling- This feature of meat delivery app allows online customers to communicate with the other users in case of any issues.
  • In-app Payments- The real-time payment feature offers multiple payment options that enable customers to pay for ordered meat via- mobile payment gateways, credit cards, debit cards, etc.
  • Notification- Customers can get an alert message popularly known as a notification. With this feature, online users can get updates regarding the addition of a new type of non-veg, cancelation of orders, delay in the delivery due to any reason, etc.


Now, you have all the required knowledge of all the important features to integrate appropriately into your meat delivery software business. Find the best mobile app for meat delivery with Trakop. With the right care of functioning and implementation of these features, you can make your business customer-centric and improve the profits too.

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