Water Jar Delivery Software – Subscription-Based SaaS Model

February 21, 2024

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With the adoption of advanced technology, convenience and efficiency have become paramount in water delivery businesses. The water jar delivery software is a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model that finds new ways to streamline water deliveries and enhance customer experiences. This SaaS model automates scheduling and offers real-time tracking, revolutionising water deliveries to homes and businesses.

The blog post will explore water jar delivery software, its features that help streamline the bottled water delivery business and its benefits of implementation for businesses.

What is water jar delivery software?

Water jar delivery software is a cloud-based, SaaS solution for end-to-end water delivery last-mile logistics operations. The system automates the retail delivery water supply chain, which includes order processing, payment collection and reconciliation, stock management, route optimisation, empty jar management and the auto-generation of reports and analytics.

The software aims to improve efficiency by streamlining and optimising the water delivery business. The advanced features of the software offer real-time order and driver tracking, order status updates, and an estimated time of order delivery, allowing businesses to have complete visibility of the entire delivery process.

How does water delivery software help subscription-based water delivery businesses?

Water delivery software is subscription-based, allowing customers to place recurring or one-time orders. In the subscription order, the customers can place orders for daily delivery, alternate deliveries, or choose custom delivery days.

  • Customers can select the product to place the order, choose the number of deliveries and choose the delivery schedule.
  • They can choose their preferred payment options and place the order.
  • Based on the business’s preferences, the system generates recurring invoices, either weekly or monthly.

Features of water delivery software that help subscription-based water delivery businesses

Advanced delivery management software features have brought about a paradigm shift in bottled water delivery operations. The software offers features like order processing, payment management, inventory management, delivery management and empty water bottle tracking management.

The features of delivery software that assist in water deliveries.

Subscription management – The software automates order processing from order placement, picking and dispatching, and fulfilling orders. It auto-generates order summaries, which include the details of the orders placed. Customers can place their one-time or subscription orders from the mobile app for water delivery. Next, the driver assigned to the specific route picks up, packs, and labels the order. The order details and routes are updated automatically on the water delivery driver app.

Inventory management – The software includes features like an inventory report, which ensures optimum levels and prevents stockouts and overstocking. The inventory management process includes auto-generates inventory reports, which include data about the available inventory, extra inventory, and total inventory required to fulfil customer demand.

Delivery management – Route optimisation is a delivery management feature that runs algorithms to create the shortest delivery routes to ensure on-time deliveries. The GPS integration allows businesses and customers to track delivery drivers and orders in real-time. Optimising routes and real-time tracking ensure on-time deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Payment management – The software generates and sends invoices weekly or monthly, as defined by the business manager. Offering multiple payment options enables customers to make payments at their convenience. The system also sends low balance and pending payment reminders to ensure timely payments, which improves positive cash flow and reduces bad debt.

Proof of delivery – The software allows delivery drivers to obtain proof of delivery to maintain transparency between the customers and the businesses, minimising the chances of customer disputes. The proof of delivery is a picture, signature or one-time password. The obtained proof of delivery is auto-updated on the admin dashboard in real-time.

Ways in which water delivery management software helps in subscription order management

Delivery software can make managing subscription orders easier since it offers a range of features and functionalities tailored to water delivery. Water delivery businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and profitability, and streamline subscription order management procedures.

Here are several ways in which such software can help:

Subscription order management – The order management system integrated with this software allows customers to place, modify, cancel, pause and resume their subscription orders. The software enables businesses to create and manage various subscription plans tailored to different customer needs, such as daily, alternate, customised days, weekly and fourth-nightly. It also enables the customisation of subscription plans based on factors like water quantity and delivery frequency. Customers can pick their preferred schedule for delivering bottled water. The system auto-generates order summaries and invoices according to the orders placed by the customers, improving order accuracy.

Customer self-service portal – The software offers a mobile app for customers, which allows them to place, modify, cancel, pause and resume subscription orders on their own. The customer receives order status updates and order tracking in real time on their customer application. Customers can access their order and transaction history, wallet balance, and delivery details.

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Run-time order modifications – The software allows delivery drivers to modify orders for customers in run-time. The drivers can also place a new subscription order for existing or new customers, improving customer acquisition without spending on marketing.

Recurring billing management – The software generates and automatically sends bills weekly or monthly to customers based on their orders. The system allows businesses to adopt prepaid or postpaid payment models or both. The water jar delivery software simplifies the billing cycle to enhance cash flow management by producing accurate invoices based on subscription plans, applying for discounts or promotions, and sending invoices to customers via email or other preferred channels.

The benefits of using water delivery management software to manage subscription-based business

Water delivery management software provides a complete solution for managing businesses in the water delivery sector. This subscription-based model helps these businesses increase customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and spur growth and profitability.

Water delivery management software offers numerous benefits for managing a subscription-based business in the water delivery industry:

Improves order accuracy rate – Automating order processing minimises human interference, mitigating the chances of human errors. Delivering the correct order to the right person at the right address enhances the customer experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction scores.

Positive cash flow – The system sends low balance and pending payment reminders, improving positive cash flow and removing debt. Timely billing and payment processing accelerates cash inflows and gives businesses better visibility and control over their cash flow, which is necessary to meet financial obligations and support business operations.

Increased customer retention – Subscription-based businesses can offer discounts on recurring orders to improve customer retention rates. The system enhances the customer experience by offering real-time order tracking and self-service portals. A convenient and transparent subscription management process can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing retention rates and recurring revenue.

Enhanced customer satisfaction – Customers can easily manage their subscriptions thanks to the software’s self-service portals and real-time order tracking. Real-time tracking increases customer satisfaction by allowing greater flexibility and transparency in order management.

Reduced churn rates – Water delivery management software lowers churn rates by providing customised subscription plans, adaptable delivery options, and proactive customer support. Retaining current subscribers is essential for maintaining steady revenue streams and long-term business growth.

The adoption of online delivery management software that functions on a software as a service (SaaS) subscription basis represents a noteworthy advancement in the effectiveness and efficiency of water delivery enterprises. This innovative solution completely transforms the revenue cycle for subscription-based businesses in the water delivery industry by providing automated order management, streamlined billing procedures, and improved customer experiences. Bottled water delivery software helps water businesses succeed in a competitive market by enabling them to meet the changing needs of their clientele, minimise attrition, and scale operations for expansion.

As a result, this technology drives operational excellence and fosters sustainable revenue growth, positioning subscription-based water delivery businesses for long-term success in delivering essential services to communities worldwide. If you are also looking forward to improving the efficiency of your subscription-based water delivery business, book a free demo and see how our water delivery service software, ‘Trakop’, can help your business.

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