Top 5 Ways to Optimise Deliveries with Delivery Tracking Software

June 20, 2023

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Door-step deliveries have become quite popular in the past decade, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and last-mile deliveries being one of the most expensive parts of the entire retail supply chain it is important to optimise them.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways in which you can optimise your deliveries using this software.

5 ways to optimise deliveries with delivery tracking software

Auto-assign and auto-despatch

The software allows business owners to create a delivery route, where deliveries are to be done and then assign delivery drivers to these routes. The orders are auto-assigned to drivers according to the area where the order is coming from. The assigned orders are updated on the drivers’ application which makes it easy for them to pick orders out for deliveries without any hassle. Auto-assign and auto-despatch features ensure on-time in-full (OTIF) order fulfilment.

Auto-route optimisation

Route optimisation is a vital feature of the software that ensures on-time delivery hassle-free. The feature allows the business owner to create a master route for all the routes created by them which calculates the distance and creates the shortest delivery route. Doing so decreases the turnaround time and fuel usage which lowers carbon emissions and carbon footprinting.

Live tracking and ETA

The software allows customers and business owners to track their orders in real-time and calculate delivery driver efficiency simultaneously. The system analyses the delivery distance and obtains ETAs that are provided to customers. Being able to track the order with precise ETAs enhances the customer experience and improves customer satisfaction scores (CSAT).

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Direct communication

Telematic technology used in the software allows customers and delivery drivers to contact each other directly via call or message directly from the customer interface and the drivers’ application. This kind of direct communication is helpful in case deliveries get late due to any unexpected event or the customer wants to give any delivery instructions at run time.

Optimise delivery costs

Automating the entire delivery process mitigates human interference and speeds up the process of order despatch. Along with automating the despatching process, it optimises the delivery routes that cut-off fuel costs. The software streamlines the deliveries ensuring accurate, fast and cost-effective deliveries that also add to the net profit.

It is important to use a powerful platform to keep afloat in the competitive market. Delivery tracking software is a great tool that is used to automate and optimise your deliveries. If you are looking forward to scaling your business, it can help you, allowing you to focus on planning and strategising rather than on deliveries. You can also discuss your business plan with our industry experts and see how we can help your business.

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