How to Become a Successful Delivery Business by Using a Delivery Management System?

July 26, 2022

Retailers and other businesses alike are benefiting from the growing popularity of online shopping. Many companies are well-positioned to increase their market share as order volumes rise—but only if they can consistently meet delivery commitments in an increasingly competitive environment. With consumer expectations changing and competition increasing, businesses must embrace innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

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The Delivery Management System (DMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to revolutionise the way delivery businesses operate and thrive in today’s dynamic market. Customers’ value on-time deliveries, even if they are scheduled.

How does a delivery management system help scale your business?

Route optimisation

The system runs algorithms that create the shortest delivery path while considering multiple delivery points, traffic, and schedules. Delivering through the shortest delivery path ensures on-time delivery, improving customer satisfaction. It also reduces total turnaround time, minimising fuel consumption and delivery costs.


  • Happy and satisfied customers improve repeat sales and bring new referrals, increasing customer acquisition without having to invest in marketing.
  • New customers improve the profitability of the business.
  • Minimising fuel costs saves money that directly contributes to increasing total revenue.
    Reducing turnaround time allows businesses to serve more customers in the same amount of time.

Delivery boy management

The system enables business owners to monitor their delivery drivers in the real-time, allowing them to track their performance. The software connects the business manager, delivery driver and customers in sync to ensure direct and transparent communication. Clear communication between the customer and the business about deliveries avoids miscommunication.


  • Tracking the performance of delivery drivers allows businesses to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their deliveries, making them cost effective.
  • Clear and transparent communication improves the customer experience, which enhances customer loyalty and customer lifetime value. Increased retention rates provide consistent cash flow.

Improved delivery accuracy

The software automates the ordering process, where the customer places their order via a delivery app, removing the need for businesses to receive orders through calls. Online ordering mitigates the chances of errors. Customers add their delivery address, which reduces the chances of entering the wrong address. The delivery driver app provides a GPS feature that provides turn-by-turn navigational instructions and delivery instructions, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.


  • Automating ordering process removes the need for hiring to receive orders and saves money.
  • Delivering orders accurately and timely improves customer satisfaction, boosting repeat orders and even bringing new customers with word-of-mouth.

Streamlined logistics

The system integrates with the inventory management system and order management system, which streamlines logistics. Automation and synchronised data across the system reduce the chances of human errors and overhead costs and optimises supply chain efficiency.


  • Streamlined logistics make the delivery process time-efficient and cost effective. Improved efficiency allows businesses to save time and money to plan, strategise and execute scaling plans.
  • Reduced human errors also reduce the chances of rework, avoiding extra-spends and saving money.
  • Optimising supply chain efficiency minimises overhead costs, which can be used when scaling the business.

Analytics and reports

The system auto-generates sales reports, customer reports, stock reports and product reports that define the financial health of the business. They can track their business data metrics to track the growth of the business. Managers can analyse these reports and understand the areas for improvement.


  • Businesses can analyse reports to plan and strategize their future business plans to scale and expand their businesses.
  • Businesses can make changes in their marketing or sales strategies to improve financial sales.

Payment management

The system offers multiple payment options to customers and allows them to make their payments at their convenience. The software sends automatic notifications, including late payment and low balance reminders.


  • Sending pending payment reminders and low balance reminders ensures timely payments and improved positive cash flow.
  • Improved cash flow improves return on investment, increasing revenue.

Scalable infrastructure

The software is highly flexible to support business expansion and an increased data-base. As the business expands, the customer base, delivery volume, delivery routes, and geographical deliverable area increase, making it important to adopt delivery software that is flexible.


  • Flexible software helps avoid spending money on buying new platforms and allows managers to invest in scaling their businesses.
  • Using scalable platform saves time and allows business owners to focus on planning and strategising future businesses.

The best last-mile delivery software automates and streamlines your processes, allowing you to more effectively manage your fleet. Driver dispatching and route planning, order administration, team performance monitoring, data storage, package tracking, and data analytics are just a few of the processes that can be automated using the right software.

Gaining business insights is essential for your growth. Analytical and reporting tools are integrated with a delivery management system, providing insights and allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

No matter how big your company is, it is not a good idea to manage last-mile deliveries manually. The delivery management system helps small businesses save money by optimising routes and handling more deliveries with fewer resources. The software will provide you with the tools you need to expand your services while maintaining the same level of control and visibility throughout the delivery process.

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