How Cloth Diaper Software Helps in Labeling and Printing?

March 2, 2023

The label management system in the cloth diaper business plays an important role when the orders are packed and set for delivery.

Here we’ll understand, what is labelling and printing in the cloth diaper businesses, how it works, why it is important to use cloth diaper subscription software for the labelling and printing process, and how we can help you manage labelling and printing in your cloth diaper business.

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What is labelling and printing in the cloth diaper business?

Labelling and printing are important parts of the cloth diaper business. Businesses that label and print manually not only make the process time-consuming but also expensive.

Cloth diaper subscription software can help in automatically generating labels based on the customers and orders that can be printed and pasted on the order packet. The label generally includes pieces of information like customer name, address, postal code, order details, and the weight of the packet. These pieces of information are directly extracted from the data and are used in labelling.

How does the labelling and printing process work in cloth diaper subscription software?

The process of labeling and printing works in three-step that makes it more efficient with low chances of human errors:

Step-1: The software aggregates the customer and respective order information.

Step-2: The information is automatically filled in.

Step-3: The packer takes the printout and pastes the label on the order packet. They arrange the order packet according to the sequenced deliveries.

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Why is using cloth diaper business software important for labelling and printing in the cloth diaper business?

  • Speeds up the process – The automated platform streamlines the whole labelling process allowing the system to automatically generates the labels with respect to the customer’s details and orders placed by them. This speeds up the labelling process and allows businesses to make on-time deliveries.
  • Improves customer service – Accurate labelling results in delivering the right order to the right customer at right time. On-time deliveries increase the customer satisfaction score and customer retention. This also increases the transparency between the customer and the businesses about the order and order quantity.
  • Auto-updates the label – Using cloth diaper management software automatically updates the label details based on order amendments made by the customers.
  • Cost-efficient – Cloth diaper labelling management software makes the process cost-effective while removing the need for hiring extra staff to create labels.
  • Improves accuracy – Cloth diaper management software reduces the chances of human errors in the label information while printing the labels.

Impacts of not using cloth diaper subscription software for labelling and printing

  • Results in wrong deliveries – Any error in the labelling can result in either delivering the wrong orders or delivering to the wrong address or in the wrong quantity. This decreases the customer satisfaction score and customer retention. This also increases the churn rate.
  • Increases the labelling cost – Without cloth diaper management software, businesses have to hire employees for generating labels every time a delivery has to be made. This increases the cost of labour as well as the programs being used for designing the label template.
  • Chances of human errors – Manual management of labelling and printing can increase the chances of human errors resulting in delivering the wrong orders which can reduce the customer experience and increase the churn rate.
  • Manual labelling is time-consuming – Manual labelling is time-inefficient and still has higher chances of human errors. Time-ineffective manual labelling process can result in delayed deliveries and negatively impacts the customer experience.

Labelling and printing are crucial steps in the cloth diaper business and using an automated platform can help in efficiently segregating orders based on the customers and avoid confusion while delivering the order packets. Having the right software with labelling and printing features can not only make the process simple and time-effective but also help in increasing the customer satisfaction score.

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