Delivery Management Software: Trends to Know in 2023

June 6, 2023

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It has been a decade since COVID-19 that has seen a significant advance in delivery management technology and now there is no stopping. Technology has seen significant changes in order placement, from placing orders over the phone to placing orders online.

Today, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled the automation of repetitive tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Intelligent algorithms can perform complex calculations and analyses in delivery management software at a much faster rate than humans, reducing the manual effort and time required for certain processes.

According to a survey- The State of Process Automation by Camunda, “ 97% of organisations believe that business process automation is crucial for digital transformation and 48% of organizations are currently installing automation solutions to automate manual tasks.

If you are also levelling up and automating your business, below are the trends you can’t afford to miss out on in 2023.

5 top delivery management trends to watch in 2023

Contactless field service and deliveries

“Contactless” is a popular term that started during the pandemic and has never left. Consumers are still looking for the same delivery trends that were followed in covid-19. However, there are some changed and advances made in contactless field services and deliveries. Delivery drivers have an advanced driver app, an integrated component of delivery management software that has complete order details, digital proof of delivery as well as proof of payment that is ensured with an OTP on the customer’s phone or signature.

Cashless payments

Most businesses have already gone cashless except for some, however, they too are digitising. Ease in making payments from anywhere and at any time has made cashless payments to be the most feasible way of making payments. Many more payment methods have been developed like in-app wallets that allow customers to add money to the wallet and make payments through the wallet increasing the positive cash flow of the business.


This service has become quite popular in the past few years, where the customer order online especially food or groceries, but pick the order themselves from the restaurant or shop. Increasing delivery costs have accelerated the growth of self-service options.
ravi garg, trakop, trends, 2023, contactless, deliveries, cashless, self service, transparency, traceability, in-source, logistics

Transparency and traceability

Customers love to know about their orders- estimated time of order arrival, where it has reached or if there is any problem with order deliveries. According to the 4th edition by Salesforce Research, “If the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with them again after a mistake.” This means having proper transparency and communication is crucial for customer retention.

In-sourced logistics

In-sourced logistics refers to businesses having their own logistics rather than using outsourced logistics or third-party logistics. Delivery management software offers delivery applications for delivery drivers that work in sync with the admin panel and auto-updates the changes like delivery status and payment status on the admin panel. Business managers can track delivery drivers and access their performance. Due to the route optimization feature, insourced logistics are more affordable in the long run.

Most businesses have readily adopted these trends, especially subscription-based businesses like milk delivery businesses, bottled water delivery businesses or cloth diaper delivery businesses. If you want to hit these trends and don’t know where to begin, schedule a brief meeting with our industry experts to discuss your plan and see how our delivery management software can assist you with your plan.

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