How to Find the Best Delivery Management Software?

August 1, 2023

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Are you tired of managing your company’s orders and deliveries? Are you looking for a delivery and management solution that will help you organise it properly? Do you wish to automate your company’s supplies? Do you want to start an online business? If you answered yes, you must find a reliable, adaptable online delivery solution to effectively manage your business.

Finding such a system that can run continuously is likely to be difficult. We have some important points that will undoubtedly be of great help to you. Read the points that will undoubtedly expand your knowledge.

What is the best delivery management software?

The system is known for its online services used to manage the delivery business, which increase the business’s efficiency and productivity while also providing an excellent user experience that increases customer count. An online delivery management service has a simple yet powerful set of tools that includes everything from automating the placing of orders to deliveries of the orders to the customer’s doorsteps, in-app notification, analysing the best route paths for dispatching the orders on time, with real-time tracking, and much more.

Must have features of delivery management software

Without a doubt, features play an important role in providing services, especially if they are related to online delivery services. Features make or break the business and its reputation. Some customer-centric features help the customer base.

Automate the dispatch of orders – The system auto-assigns the order to the driver to whom that particular route has been allotted. The order and customer details are auto-updated on the delivery driver app, which makes it easy for them to pick up the order and deliver it on time.

Push notifications – The system sends in-app push notifications. These notifications can include order status updates or other promotional notifications. The business owner can generate such notifications from the backend and send them bulk customer-wise, route-wise and schedule-wise.

Real-time tracking – The GPS feature integrated into the system allows business owners and customers to track drivers and orders, respectively. This allows business owners to track driver performance. Allowing your customers to track their orders improves customer experience and customer retention rates.

Analytics and reports – The system auto-generates business reports and analytics that help determine business health and plan future sales. Analysing these reports helps the business strategize and plan for scaling and expanding business.

Route optimisation – Route optimisation is one of the crucial features of this system because it creates the shortest delivery route, which reduces the delivery time and fuel consumption. Doing so not only reduces the delivery costs but also reduces environmental impact.

Multiple payment options – The software provides flexible payment options to customers. It allows them to pay either online (payment gateways – “Stripe, Paypal, Paytm, Gpay, and,” Cards- “credit and debit,” wallet) or via cash. This allows customers to pay the invoices from anywhere at any time.

Specifications for delivery software

Automates the deliveries

There are several industries that are still working with the hassle of paper, pen, etc. to organise, manage and track deliveries, which are generally prone to manual errors and often result in misleading mistakes. The online delivery management system has scrapped the usage of pen, paper, spreadsheets, calculators, calendars, etc. because these online management services have everything integrated into them, easing the workload by reducing redundant work. All these things are saving business owners from exhausting their resources and using them efficiently to make their work more productive.

Benefits of automating deliveries
  • Automates order processing and reduces the chances of errors
  • Auto-generates billing and invoicing processes and sends them to the customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with timely deliveries
  • Auto-assign orders to the drivers to whom that particular route has been allotted
  • Reduced manual errors in orders and invoices; improved positive cash flow
  • Optimises the route, creating the shortest delivery path, and reduces fuel consumption, delivery time, and the impact of carbon footprinting due to carbon emissions

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Real-time tracking system

In traditional systems, to locate the location of the delivery boy, the service provider used to call them and ask for and confirm their position. It is an old-school system that is not at all successful at this time, especially in today’s fast-moving world. The innovation has made the online systems something else that works according to the customer’s needs and can predict the workings in advance.

The real-time tracking system is one of the most important characteristics of delivery management software because it eases navigation and manages timing well. The built-in features enable them to predict and calculate the estimated time required to arrive at the placed order after calculating the time to prepare the good distance between the place where the order is placed and the customer’s place.

Benefits of real-time tracking system
  • It helps businesses track the performance of the driver
  • Send order status updates to improve customer experience
  • Allow customer to receive ETAs and track their orders in real-time
  • Improves customer experience and increases customer retention rates

Minimise operational costs

In a business, money is everything. People do a lot of things to cut their costs. In traditional or offline businesses, it is very difficult to analyse the whole business to reduce spending, which not only increases productivity but also doesn’t affect working. In short, finding loopholes in an offline business is very difficult. But with online delivery management services, you can optimise the whole process of working on your smartphone screen, which not only improves the performance of the business by cutting costs but also helps in knowing the revenue generated in a month without much effort or spending manpower. Analytics through the dashboard feature is another advantage that makes the daily delivery management software the best.

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Benefits of minimising operational costs

  • It helps businesses scale and expand their business
  • Improve business ROI
  • Allows you to pay your employees well

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is delivery management software?
A1. Delivery management software is an online tool that automates and streamlines business processes like order processing, payment management, stock management, delivery management, and report and analytics generation.

Q2. What is route optimisation?
A2. Route optimisation is one of the major features of systems that run certain algorithms to create the shortest delivery route, ensuring timely and accurate delivery. This increases the customer satisfaction score and improves the customer retention rate.

Q3. How does delivery management software streamline businesses?
A3. The software automates business operations, minimising the need for human interference and making the process efficient.

Q4. How does the customer app work?
A4. The customer app allows customers to place their orders with just a few clicks. They can track their orders in real time. Customers have access to their past orders, ongoing, paused, and deleted subscriptions, and invoices. The app helps establish communication between the business and the customers and between the customers and the delivery driver.

Q5. Why is a driver app crucial?
A5. The driver app contains the order and the customer details, along with the address to which the order needs to be delivered. The app also has an integrated GPS system, which allows vendors and customers to track their delivery drivers and orders, respectively.

Q6. What are the main components of delivery software that will help my business grow?
A6. There are three components of delivery software – admin panel, the driver application, and the customer interface. The admin panel is for business owners to monitor their entire operation, from orders to financial figures. The driver application is for delivery drivers and contains order details (when and where to deliver). Then, the customer interface allows customers to place and track orders, make payments, and receive notifications.

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