5 Myths Busted About Delivery Management Software

May 30, 2023

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Delivery management software is an online tool that automates the entire delivery business from start to end. It is an integrated platform that automates- order management, stock management, payment management and route management. It has become an indispensable tool for businesses striving to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

However, misconceptions and myths often surround this innovative technology.

In this article, we aim to bust often-heard common myths about delivery management software and put light on the reality behind these misconceptions. This will provide you with a clearer understanding of the benefits and capabilities of delivery management software, helping you to make informed decisions and take advantage of its full potential.

Delivery management software- 5 commonly heard misconceptions

Myth 1: Delivery management software is expensive

No, it isn’t. It might seem that way due to its set-up cost and the maintenance cost. However, using a delivery management system can be inexpensive and lead to advantages in the long term. Also, it automates business operations which removes the need for extra hands minimising the operational costs. Automation cuts down both operational costs and time taken for order fulfilment which results in improving the efficiency of the business.  According to Camuda’s The State of Process Automation, “51% of businesses implement automation initiatives to boost efficiency.” The integrated software will help automate and boost business efficiency and allow you to focus on scaling without worrying about your business operations.

Myth 2: They are complicated to use and one needs to be tech-savvy to use them

That is not at all true! High adoption rates of this technology have been seen. The delivery software gives end-to-end visibility of the business operations, Live tracking of the delivery drivers, and optimised costs. The software allows multiple person-to-person interactions in case you have multiple business hubs that are managed by different people. These features might seem nerve-wracking to understand and might need you to take demos, however, it doesn’t require you to be a tech geek.

Myth 3: The old way of handling deliveries is more efficient

Many of you might feel comfortable with the conventional way of doing business. If this is so, you are preparing yourself to eventually fail. Changing consumer needs for faster deliveries have led to the introduction of technology in the delivery businesses. To meet the customer demands and survive the market it is important that you upgrade your mindset and business by using automation. Change can be Good!

Myth 4: Small businesses do not need a delivery management software

Small or big, today all businesses need to stay up-to-date in order to survive the competitive market. Not only does delivery management software help with business operations but it also gives you an online presence. Having an online presence can help you reach a wider customer base and acquire them. The software can help “small businesses” to grow and scale and “enterprise business” to manage their business operations and expand their business.

Myth 5: Data is vulnerable to third-party breaches or data disruptions

Delivery systems are ERP solutions and are cloud-based where all the data is stored on the cloud and is protected using some high-tech servers. Trakop uses AWS (Amazon Web Server) which is one of the safest servers that eliminates the chances of serious data breaches and disruptions. It is safer than the traditional way.

Understanding these myths and learning about delivery management systems can’t come without actually practically seeing or using them. If you have never tasted the benefits of delivery management software you are likely to believe these myths. If you want to know how delivery management software work in real, Book a Meeting with our Tech Experts to explore more.

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