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How Waste Management Software Works

The individual app platforms of waste management solutions help the owners and other users like customers and trash collecting drivers to know their work and business more accurately. The users can track the trucks or scarp collecting vehicles with the help of their panels. The customer can schedule their trash removal with the help of the customer app panel of the online solution & after removal of waste material, the experts mark it as ‘removed’. With the help of an admin panel, the service provider can monitor the whole working.

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Core Features of Waste Management System

Whether an individual is dealing with waste and recycling haulers, landfills, transfer stations & material recovery plants or just managing the fleet of trash removal or waste pickup vehicles, the impeccable features of the waste management application helps in streamlining the whole business. Getting everything on the screen of a smartphone to manage the financial and operational works are some of the characteristics that help them to reduce operational costs and improve the revenue of the business without any hassle.

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Business Dashboard

The waste management software offers complete transparency and visibility to various working areas of this business. The cutting-edge features enable them to track the moving squad and get to know the services offered to the number of customers, etc. With the help of the dashboard, the owners of waste removal can track the disposal area, a quick view of profits, transfers of types of trash removal, all kinds of transactions and many more.

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    Manage Requests

    Allows the owners to manage the requests of waste removal according to the available trash removal vehicles.

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    Manage Customers

    With this feature admin can manage the profile of waste removal & transporting experts and customers.

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    Route Management

    This feature enables the service providers to manage the routes for driving staff and highlight the specific routes.

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    Waste Tracking

    With the help of waste management applications, the owner can track the waste material from the point of generation to the disposal stage

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Consumer Mobile Application

This part of the waste management system acts as a pillar of the waste management software that helps the users to get the trash or waste removed from their place either its office space or a residential place with just a few taps on the screen. The extended features help them to schedule the visit of the pick and take away trucks to remove the waste by the experts without visiting the office of waste removal or stepping out of their house. Some of the other important features of delivery software are-

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    After installation, users can log-in by using social media id or any other social media account or a mobile number to get the authentication.

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    Waste Removal Request

    It is a kind of request made by the customer for removing the waste materials by mentioning the timings, etc.

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    Choose the Type of Waste Material

    This feature enables them to select the type of waste material that needs to be removed.

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    Online Payment Options

    This feature enables them to pay for the selected service online by using the card, mobile payment gateways, or cash payments.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

A specific part of waste management software is a trash pickup and removing experts that help them to know the requests of the authorized customers to pick the type of trash at a specific time. The request may include the complete information about the customers, address, contact information, payment status, etc. The features enable them to get to know the shortest route to reach the customer’s place.

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    Helps them to create a profile by filling valid details like- a phone number or a valid email address.

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    List of Requests of Waste Removal

    Enables them to get the list of requests made by customers. As per their availability, they can accept or reject the requests.

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    Chat Options

    Allows them to interact with customers by using text messages or calling options.

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