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Enhance your flower ordering and delivery business with our uber-like florist app. Get the complete visibility of your business online and accelerated revenue by investing less.

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How Uber for Florist App Works?


The flower app software helps the florists in showcasing their business online. With the complete set of tools of our delivery app, the service provider can enlist all types of blooms that can be selected by the customers. After getting the confirmation from a florist, the prepared order is assigned to the delivery squad for delivery purposes. Drivers then pick up the bouquets and deliver them to the customer’s doorsteps

Important Features of Uber-Like Mobile App for Flower Delivery


The features of an on-demand flower delivery mobile app make the services unparallel that reduce the daily issues. The embedded features of the florist app system increase the efficiency of the whole blossoms business by improving transparency among ordering and deliveries, payment methods, order histories.

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Customer App

The comprehensive mobile app development system for the florist app allows the customers to get Uber-like experience. With the help of cutting-edge features of flower delivery software, authorized users can order the blossoms with a few taps on the screen and pay for delivering the bouquets of blossoms by using online payment methods. The solution embraces the following features-

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    After installing the app from the app store, the customers need to sign up with authentic details like- email addresses or with a smartphone number.

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    Choosing flowers for Bouquet

    It enables the customers to select the blooms from the list mentioned in the florist app for doorstep supply.

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    This feature allows the customers to see orders history and current orders. The users can repeat the past order too.

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    Multiple Payments

    It allows them to pay online for the ordered flowers through multiple mobile gateways, card options or cash options.


Driver App

The beauty of our embedded features of the driver panel of the flower delivery app empowers drivers to have a uber-like experience by easily getting the list of all deliveries. The online flower panacea enables the drivers to check the payment status of all the orders, text customers through online chat options, identify the shortest route that helps them to reduce the delivery time and fuel.

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    To get the authentication, the delivery staff need to enter the valid details such as mobile number, or social media details.

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    In-App Payments

    This feature enables the drivers to collect the cash from the customers who have chosen the cash on delivery option while selecting the blossoms.

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    History Details

    This feature may include all past histories of the customers and their payment details labeled with the delivered time and date.

  • driver-app-side-image


    This feature may include all past histories of the customers and their payment details labeled with the delivered time and date.


Admin Dashboard

The administrative tools of Uber for flower delivery app help the florists to deliver their produced stuff online and showcase their business online by investing minimal. The pivotal features enable the admin to add or remove the types of blooms on the list. With the dashboard, owners can easily get a complete view of past and present orders, online payments, count the number of new customers added, manage the deliveries, revenue generated in the past, etc in one go.

  • app-dashboard

    Manage the Customers

    The florist app enables them to manage the profiles of the customers and remove or resolve the issues if users counter any issue while acquiring services.

  • app-dashboard

    Route Managementt

    It allows admins to manage the routes for the driving staff and highlight the routes and designations.

  • app-dashboard

    Advanced Analytics

    It offers complete access to review the full record of sold bouquets, inventories, and a list of revenue details generating in a day, week or month.

  • app-dashboard

    Manage the Online Payments

    Service providers have access to organize kinds of payments by the customers and the payments taken from the drivers in the form of cash.


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