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How Propane Delivery Software Works?

With the help of propane management software, service providers can improve the efficiency of their business by offering complete information about the fuel type. Propane- one of the most used fuel types in the world, the features of the software enable the customers to book the quantity of gas they want for their space. With the help of the delivery staff, the ordered propane can easily be delivered safely to the mentioned address. To know more about the detailed version of the software’s working you may click on the button given below.

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Mobile app for propane Delivery Features

The top features of propane management software help the users to represent their business online and improve the reliability of the gas business. Getting everything on the fingertips with the help of a dashboard that helps the service providers in managing orders, and delivery times, manage the payments, to have a quick look on past and on-going orders and much more.

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Business Dashboard

The administrative tools enables the owners to update the information about the propane availability. They can make the edits in the orders, account history, and edit the price of the fuel, highlight the route map for the driving staff, in-app payments, and communicate with the customers and much more. Some of the other features are-

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    User Management

    This feature of the software helps in managing the user’s profile.

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    Route Management

    This feature allows the admin to manage the routes for the delivery staff.

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    It shows a complete picture of revenue and business done in a day, month or week.

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    Order Management

    Gas agency owners can organize all the orders of fuel deliveries of the customer and show the delivery times for the fuel.

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Consumer Mobile Application

To get the propane to be delivered at the customer’s place, the best features of the propane delivery software enables them to select the amount of gas through online methods. These online methods help them to get the required amount of propane without stepping out of their living place. Some other features are-

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    This is the first step that helps the customers to enter the details to get access to order the fuel online.

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    Choose Fuel and Select the Delivery Timings

    Allows them to choose the quantity of fuel and select the delivery timings of fuel.

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    In-App Tracking System

    This feature of the propane delivery system allows the customers to track the online delivery of the fuel.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Enables them to pay online for ordering fuel through card options, multiple mobile payment gateways or cash options.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

The driver panel of this software helps the drivers to get the list of all the propane deliveries on the screens of their smartphones. On different screens of the driver app helps them to get the complete information of the customer’s & their address, order history, payment status and much more. The features enable them to choose the shortest route for delivering fuel that saves time. Other powerful features of propane delivery software are-

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    To grant authentication to the delivery staff, they need to fill the required information like- smartphone number and email id.

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    This feature allows them to make changes in the profile if necessary. They can get notification about new orders, update the status of their availability, etc.

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    In-App Payments

    It enables them to check the status of the payment and get cash from the consumer in case they have opted for the COD option.

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    Update the Status of Delivery

    This feature allows the drivers to update the status as delivered after dispatching the propane to the customer’s space.

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