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How Oxygen Delivery Software Works?

The individual app panels make the oxygen delivery system more reliable for the users. As customers can choose the size of the tank and quantity of the cylinders and pay with in-app online payment methods. The online delivery software delivers the ordered tanks to the mentioned address at the mentioned time. The service provider can view the complete business with the help of a dashboard and send the notification about the successful delivery of the ordered products.

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Top Features of Oxygen Tank Delivery Software

The top features of oxygen tank delivery software remove the hiccups that affect the healthcare system of your customer’s place. The owners of oxygen providers can get the complete picture of the online orders of tanks and deliver them with the help of driving staff, manage the orders as per the requirements of the customer, and getting the payment details and much more.

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Business Dashboard

The necessary set of tools built for distributing the oxygen tanks to the consumers by taking online orders with the help of delivery software. The admin panel provides a premium end-to-end panel to manage, and organize the whole business with the help of the dashboard. By investing a few pennies, you can get a premium end-to-end panel to manage, and organize the whole business with the help of the dashboard that further helps in managing product delivery, customer support, and much more.

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    User Management

    Allows them to view the profile of users and remove or add the customers.

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    Billing Management

    Enables the admin to review and manage tank details, and offer an original bill after including the taxes, etc.

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    Accept or Reject Request

    In case of unavailability of the oxygen tanks, or drivers, admin can accept or reject the request of the customer.

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    Earning Details

    On a single screen, service providers can have a detailed view of total revenue and profits in a day, week or in a month.

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Consumer Mobile Application

The cutting-edge features of our comprehensive software to deliver oxygen allows the consumers to order the oxygen cylinder online. Some of the features that make it an outstanding online system are- select the number of tanks and by mentioning the address and delivery timings, pay with the help of online methods.

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    Allows consumers to enter the important information that may include social media id, smartphone number, etc to place online orders.

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    Choose the Number of Tanks/Cylinders

    Enables them to choose the number of oxygen cylinders and mention the delivery timing.

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    In-App Tracking System

    This feature of the software allows them to track the delivery online with just a few taps.

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    Multiple Online Payment Options

    Permits the consumers to pay by using online methods like- cash options, multiple mobile payment gateways, or card options.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

This platform of the software allows the experts to get the complete list of all the oxygen tanks that are going to dispatch on the screens of their smartphones. Different screens help them to get the idea of online payments, a view about all the past payments done by the customers and much more. The highlight of the shortest route enables them to save money as well as time.

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    By mentioning mandatory details on the app drivers can work as a dispatcher for the service providers. Smartphone number and email id.

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    List of All Deliveries

    It is a feature that enables them to perceive the number of oxygen tanks that need to be delivered on the mentioned locations.

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    Online Payment Feature

    Enables them to see the money details. In the case the customer has opted for COD, then they can collect money from them.

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    Chat Options

    It enables them to communicate with users through text messages.

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