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How Our Online Food Delivery App Development Solution Works


Our robust solution is enough to deliver the ordered food to the customer’s doorsteps. Through the individual penal, every user can easily operate the online software. The system enables an individual to choose food item and the delivery is assigned by the admin section. Every activity of ordering/delivery or delivered items can easily be checked through the dashboard of our online delivery management system.

Best Features of Food Ordering Management Software


The selection of food items/s with a single click, automated billing, optimization of routes and online payment options are some of the features of our online food management solution that enables your users to get the food delivery app development solution-like experience while ordering food to their mentioned location.

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Customer App of Food Delivery System

We offer an excellent platform to the customers of your food business that enable them to pick and order the mentioned meal from the menu. Important features are-

  • customer-app-description


    Just with valid user details that may include a mobile number or email id, one can access all the services. Adding an address to the profile is another point in the sign-in step.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Users have multiple payment options for the payment of ordered meals. It may include debit cards, credit cards or cash options.

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    Customized Ingredients

    As per the requirement, customers can easily customize ingredients for their food

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    Through these referrals, customers can share your information with their known people through social media that would benefit your business.


Driver App for Food Delivering Software

The driver app of our management solution enables them to get the complete list of all deliveries.

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    Similar to the user app, drivers can access the services by putting their personal mobile number and social media account details.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    They can collect the payment in cash from the customer while delivering meal and through this method, they can get the money paid from the admin.

  • driver-app-side-image

    List of All Orders

    It allows them to get a complete list of all the goods that too include the address of the customer’s location.

  • driver-app-side-image

    Mark the Status of All the Deliveries

    After delivery, they can mark it as delivered with a single tab.


Admin App of Food Delivery Solution

The pivotal features help the service provider to add numerous food items in one go.

  • app-dashboard

    Customer Management

    This delivery management system allows them to review the full profile of a customer (remove or add their profile), add chat options, view their previous and ongoing orders, etc.

  • app-dashboard

    Route Optimization & Navigation

    With the help of GPS service, you can optimize the route and helps the delivery source to reach the destination.

  • app-dashboard

    Manage Orders And Payments

    Just with the dashboard, service providers can easily see the history of all orders and payments.

  • app-dashboard


    This feature allows the service provider to check the growth of the business in the past time and invest accordingly in the future.


Food Delivery Management Software

Our software enables entrepreneurs to represent their business or services online with a smart & simple user interface, helps in reducing the operational cost and helps them to churn out maximum revenue.

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To manage a dairy is not everybody’s cup of tea. You need to spend a lot. All thank this dairy farm management system who helped me incredibly.

Ammar Hatim


I recommend all of those who are into the dairy business to go for this software. It will help you in the best way.



What I like about this software is its features and the team is too experienced and guided you well.


United Kingdom

Trakop is the best subscription management system for the milk business that I have ever used. The deliveries have risen by almost 25% in the past few times. Awesome online system.



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