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How Florist Delivery Software Works?

The florist app development solution provides the best service to the businesses of any size-startups or established ones. The customer adds the required flowers into the cart to deliver at their doorstep. After confirming the availability, the order is being delivered by the delivery staff. The flower ordering app enables the owners to track the deliveries online.

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Important Features of Uber-Like Florist Delivery Software

The features of a white-label florist delivery app offer the convenience of service, reliable customers for getting bouquets orders with a real-time tracking system to trace delivery staff. The online system for delivering flowers improves visibility about the orders and successfully delivered orders, boost efficiency, and history of online payment methods.

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Business Dashboard

The administrative gimmick of florist delivery app software helps the flower business owners to display their flower business online. The necessary set of features makes it easy for the service providers to organize, manage and handle the orders and deliveries online. By investing less the admin may obtain the complete picture of past and current orders, payment details, active and inactive customers, etc. Some of the extended features are

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    User Management

    Our mobile app development solution for delivering flowers assists the owners to review the complete profile of all the users. They can add or remove just with one click.

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    Route Management

    This feature of the florist app allows the admin to manage the routes map for the drivers and highlight the specifications.

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    Access to check the full record of sold bouquets, inventories, and list of revenue generated in a day, week or month.

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    Order Management

    Service providers have access to organize all the orders of blooms of every customer each day.

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Consumer Mobile Application

This platform of the florist app delivery app enables the customers to get the mind-blowing flower service online. This pivotal feature allows the customers to select the blooms quickly, pay online as well as offline for flower orders and get the notifications for the deliveries, track the orders, etc. Other features of florist delivery software are-

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    To get the services online customers need to fill the valid details. This may require a phone number or an authorized email address.

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    List of Flowers/Bouquet

    Allows them to choose the blooms from the list and add them to the cart to get them delivered at their doorsteps

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    Status of All Orders

    It enables the users to have a glimpse of all the orders- current and past orders.

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    Multiple Payment Options

    Enables them to pay online for the orders through card options, multiple mobile gateways or cash options.

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Field Mobile App for Delivery Person

The edge-cutting features of the driver panel embedded in the florist app development software empower them to get the full view of orders with complete information of address and calling details that enable them to communicate if required. The software helps them to get to know the shortest route to reach to the customer’s doorstep for delivery processes.

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    To get the authentication for the delivery process, the driver staff need to sign up with valid details such as mobile number, or social media details.

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    In-App Payments

    This feature enables the drivers to collect the cash from the customers while delivering the bouquets to the customer’s address.

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    Complete Details of Orders

    It may indulge the information about the past orders made by a particular user and their payment details.

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    This feature enables them to make changes in the profile and have options of notifications, accept or reject the request, pickup alert, etc.

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