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June 2, 2020

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The trend of using grocery delivery apps has increased these days. To get the increased profits from the grocery business, staying ahead of the competitors, making more customers are some of the reasons people have inclined towards these white-label mobile apps for grocery delivery. The COVID-19 outbreak has played an important role in accelerating the developments of online grocery delivery services.

In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the white label apps developed typically for the grocery business. We would also look at some of the stats that help in making you see the achieved and predicted growth rate of these online grocery delivery app solutions.

  • According to Statista, the growth rate of the grocery sector was accounted to be 14.2 billion US dollars in 2017. According to experts, by the year 2021, the growth is expected to reach almost 30 billion US dollars.
  • Another research says that online grocery delivery businesses are expected to grab more than one-fifth of the market by the end of 2025.
  • All these figures emphasize the need for white-label grocery delivery app development services. Before moving ahead, let’s understand the concept of white-label.

Well! Let me explain it in the most simple way. If a firm has some kind of product and others want to copy it that may include- functioning, work, basic structure, etc then they can easily do it. Make sure that the appearance, logo, color would remain different. The whole process is named as white-labeling. The buzz of developing white-label applications is too high due to the ease of operating the whole business because of the arrival of innovative technology.

What is White-Label Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery Services?

There’s no doubt that the grocery delivery apps have eliminated the distance between the service providers and the consumers. From a smartphone with the help of these mobile grocery delivery apps, store owners can easily display their products to their clients.
The online consumers and check, select, add to cart, order, and get the products at their doorsteps. All can be done with the help of a smartphone screen. To ease the whole grocery business working, the experts have designed three individual app panels for online grocery delivery software. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Admin Panel of Grocery Delivery App
  • Delivery Panel of Grocery Delivery App
  • Customer Panel of Grocery Delivery App

There are some pre-defined and key features that are considered as the basic characteristics used to carry out the functionality of the grocery shopping app. Let’s discuss the important features of each white-label mobile app for the grocery delivery business.

Admin App of Grocery Delivery App

Let’s discuss the owner’s panel. Through this app panel, the grocery store owner can easily manage the deliveries, get the orders 24/7, track the user base, track the inventory, and much more.

  • Management of all Users- Be it the customers or the delivery men, admin can manage every user.
  • Dashboard- It allows Grocery Store owners to check all figures and data regarding the sales, orders per day, etc. The owners can check the day-to-day earnings within a few swipes.
  • Reports and Analytics- Another important chunk of the grocery app. A complete view of all the payment-related data, profit earned in a day, week, or in a month. Basically, it is a report card of the complete grocery business.
  • View- It is a key feature that enables the owners to track the delivery staff who are supposed to deliver the ordered grocery items at the customer’s doorsteps.

Panel for Delivery Staff of Online Grocery App

To ease the work of delivery, the experts have put some important points in delivery man applications.

  • Sign-in- To get access to an online delivery app of a grocery shopping app, the dispatcher needs to add some important information such as- email address, smartphone number, etc.
  • In-app Payments- Before delivering they can review the information about the payment paid or not. In case of not done, they can get the cash from the customer and then pay to the owners.
  • Route- To ease the delivery work, the delivery man can see the whole road map that helps them to reduce the searching time and automatically increase efficiency.
  • Notifications- Another important feature of a grocery delivery app service. Drivers can easily get the notifications for canceled grocery orders, etc.
  • In-app Communication Options- To contact consumers, or grocery store owners, etc drivers can communicate with the customers as well as the service providers in case of any emergency.

Customer App for Grocery Delivery Services

An individual app for online consumers that enables them to get the benefits of an online grocery shopping app.

  • Sign in- Just like the driver app, the customers need to enter the vital information in order to get the online grocery services which may include- mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Order from the Groceries List- After searching properly from the list, customers can add the grocery items into their cart and proceed for the ordering option. By mentioning the address to deliver the order, they can easily get the grocery orders.
  • In-app Calling- It enables an online customer to call the drivers in order to confirm or change the order time.
  • Notification- Customers can get an alert message popularly known as a notification. With this feature, online users can get updated regarding the cancelation of the placed orders or delay in the dispatch in case there is any, etc.
  • In-app Payments- With the real-time payment feature, customers can pay for the ordered groceries through multiple payment options such as- Credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment gateways, and many more.


Get the Best White Label Mobile App for Your Grocery Delivery Services

Features can be deployed as per the requirement of the service provider. Through the addition of features play an important role in the success of the grocery delivery services. Don’t know which white-label grocery app development solutions are the best for your grocery business. Just make the points of your needs and discuss them with our experts. We would love to hear from you and would give you the best online delivery software for your grocery business.

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