How can you Manage your Orders Online with a Delivery Management System?

July 28, 2022

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To manage Orders with software let’s first discuss the need for a Delivery Management System.

With the growing popularity of on-demand e-commerce platforms on the rise with an unending possibility for growth, businesses must make sure that the delivery service is ready for the task. The last and the foremost thing that businesses need to ensure these days are customers who are not stepping forward on online platforms to convince them to join them with delivery management software. In the fast-paced trends and side by side, the rat race of customers to get the orders on the doorstep without stepping out from their places has increased the need for the business to step up to delivery management software. Customers also know that in today’s time you can get the orders of your choice be it anything starting from milk to the grocery for day-to-day needs from any part of the world sitting at your place and this culture boosts the need for delivery management software. With getting a convenient way it becomes mandatory for the business to have a strong and convenient channel to streamline the delivery process.

According to a Survey post, it has been found that businesses who have stepped up with an Online delivery management system so
15.05 billion deliveries were done by a DMS in the year 2020.
704.7 million people have used a DMS in the year 2021.
65-70% of customers prefer home delivery of any kind.

How to Manage Orders Online with a DMS:-

Managing orders received through customers has become very easy with the help of a delivery management system. The Delivery process for the order has got streamlined where once the order gets received then automatically it is allocated to a driver which gets a record for all the products that have to be collected and then to be delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The other key benefits of Delivery Management are

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  1. Subscription orders (Daily, Custom Alternate):-  The customer gets an advantage in a delivery management software to choose for the product which type of subscription they want i.e on a daily basis, alternate, or a custom-based subscription.
  2. On-demand orders:- The Delivery management software gives the flexibility to customers to place orders for the products and also the managers handling the admin have the flexibility to accept or reject the orders based.
  3. Customers can edit changes before cut-off time:- With placing orders through the Delivery management system, the customers have the upper edge where they can edit their upcoming orders before the cut-off time.
  4. Pause /edit/resume/updates:-  The customers have an advantage where if they have any upcoming plans for the vacation then they can pause their ongoing subscription and can start returning and also edit the quantity of the subscription product.
  5. Orders invoices:-  Customers get the invoice in the app which they can check and review at any time and go through the statement. The invoice will give a clear view of the orders taken on which days no orders have been taken.
  6. Real-time order updates:- Any update done in the orders notifies the manager handling admin panel about the update done by the customer end and packs the order accordingly which driver will hand over to the customer’s doorstep.
  7. On-time order delivery:- Customer gets the order delivered at the doorstep at a faster rate which gives a sense of trust to the customer, driver, and the team handling the admin panel.
  8. Feedback on services:- With the help of a delivery management system, the customer can share their suggestions, and feedback based on the services and products which the team handling the admin panel and check and work accordingly to improve.

Conclusion:- Nowadays shifting to Delivery management software has become a necessity rather than a need as a Delivery Management System helps businesses to work in a 360-degree process from getting an order to packaging to dispatching and finally delivering at the customer’s doorstep. So Trakop makes sure to help achieve all the goals and help enhance a business and help to scale to great heights.

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