COVID-19 Impacts on Grocery Business

April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Impacts on Grocery Business - Trakop

As the number of cases of COVID-19 is increasing day by day, people are preferring to follow the WHO instructions like social distancing, stay inside the house, reduce or avoid the outside movement.

Many people are worried about buying important products like grocery items, and other daily needs stuff for their home usage. But complete shutdown fails to get them quickly. On the other hand, the service providers, grocery store owners, are finding it difficult to clear their stock and sell the grocery items to their regular customers.

In such a scenario, the mobile apps for grocery delivery are working for the retailers as well as for the customers too.

Today in the market, there is a huge need for mobile delivery apps; some of the food delivery app solutions are working to deliver grocery products all over the world.

As per the data available on the Internet that there have been a record number of downloads in the past 2 weeks. Also, some of the big giants have started deliveries via drones.

What Do You Mean by Grocery Shopping Mobile App?

The online grocery shopping apps are enabling grocery stores, supermarkets to get the orders online and schedule the dispatch through the delivery panel to the customer’s doorstep. The online grocery delivery software has filled the gap between the customers and the service providers; as even in a lockdown situation they are taking orders and delivering the grocery products on the mentioned address.

How Online Mobile App for Grocery Delivery Can Help Your Business?

  1. To reduce the spreading of coronavirus, people are preferring to get all the necessary items through online ordering solutions. This can be a big benefit for an individual who wanted to make the profits.
  2. To curb the increasing demand for grocery items of the huge customer base and availability of few suppliers may help you to make your ‘just’ business into a ‘brand’.
  3. Businesses having online solutions are seeing an increase of 30-40% in demand and proportionally supply is also increasing.
  4. On the other hand, businesses having no access to online ordering platforms are mostly struggling to clear their inventory stock, difficulty in getting the exact figures of items left and sold products, reduced sales and zero profits, and much more.


Do You Want The Best Grocery Delivery App Development Solution?

It’s hard for offline businesses to compete with the competition and to survive in the market which will demolish their store/physical presence as well in a few days or weeks. Connecting the grocery business with online delivery app solutions becomes the ‘need of the hour’.  Hence make sure to put your supermarket online. Schedule a demo now.

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