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Transforming Organic Deliveries – Impact on Organic Mandya


Organic Mandya is Bangalore’s leading milk brand that serves organic products like Desi A2 milk, groceries, vegetables, and fruits. Organic Mandya believes that it is time to save health along with wealth. They are committed to providing genuine organic products that are free of chemicals, as well as transparency and fair prices.


Madhu Chandan, the founder of Organic Mandya, observed on his visit to his hometown ‘Mandya’ the condition of farmers, which convinced him to stay back in the village. He saw that chemical-based products and farming have robbed farmers of their natural competence as consumers of chemical products like those of cities. Madhu Chandan, after observing this, decided to change the farming and consumption behaviour and for the farmers to get their dues.

The Concept

The idea behind Organic Mandya was very clear: “creating health and wellbeing for everyone.” The Mandya Organic Farmer Co-operative Society was formed with the initiative of understanding and practicing organic farming with threefold missions – provide sustainable livelihoods to the farmers, offer honest 100% food to the people and make Mandya district chemical-free.

Business model

Organic Mandya was launched in 2014 as a marketing wing to support the farmers, which has now become a way of life for many farmers. The business model of the brand leverages technology to offer a customer interface and driver app to their customers and delivery drivers. They used a business dashboard to manage their business operations and get complete visibility of the progress of the daily delivery tasks, financial reports, and order statuses.

Challenges Faced by the Brand

Restricted promotional options – The brand faced limitations in terms of promotional opportunities, being unable to provide specific loyalty programs such as cashbacks on recharge, which traditionally served as a primary means of strengthening customer loyalty.

Route planning – The brand undertook the cumbersome task of manually planning their delivery routes, a process prone to errors and inefficiencies. Assigning drivers to specific routes and coordinating order assignments was also managed manually, adding to the complexity of the logistics process.

Multiple product categories – The brand provided services for both milk delivery and produce-based products. While milk deliveries were efficiently managed through a subscription-based solution like Trakop, they faced a challenge with produce-based items as they had to rely on a different software. This dual-system setup posed difficulties in tracking and managing both aspects of their business simultaneously.

Whatsapp integration – The brand’s previous technology lacked integration with WhatsApp in its system. Consequently, the brand had to resort to using WhatsApp separately and manually sending invoices.

The solutions offered by Trakop

Trakop, a subscription-based delivery management software, was chosen by ‘Organic Mandya’ after conducting extensive research and practical demonstrations. With a dedicated focus on providing a customer-centric solution and route optimisation features, the team concluded that Trakop stood out as the most fitting choice.

Various promotional opportunities – Trakop presented the brand with numerous promotional possibilities, including cashbacks on recharges and initial order placements, along with discount coupons. These initiatives provided the brand a chance to enhance customer retention and decrease churn rates. Leveraging our geofencing model, they now efficiently identify potential customers, enabling them to strategically expand their serviceable area.

Auto-route optimisation – The incorporation of our route optimisation feature empowered them to establish and assign drivers to specific routes, automating the entire process of order assignment and dispatch. This resulted in the automatic optimisation of delivery routes, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Manage multiple product categories – The brand can now oversee both their produce-based items and milk deliveries through a unified platform. This streamlined approach enables them to effortlessly monitor and handle all aspects of their business from a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Integrated whatsapp – Our system provided the brand with integrated WhatsApp functionality, automating the invoice-sending process and ensuring seamless operations. This enhancement significantly increased operational efficiency, streamlining the overall workflow.

About Trakop

Trakop stands out as a sophisticated ERP solution meticulously crafted for subscription-oriented enterprises such as those in milk, water, and groceries industry. This delivery management software offers a holistic platform empowering businesses to streamline their delivery operations comprehensively, encompassing functions such as order tracking, route optimisation, dispatch management, and customer communication. The major goal of Trakop is to simplify the complex logistics and delivery management processes faced by businesses, enabling them to navigate the challenges of last-mile delivery with increased efficiency. This proves especially crucial in the dynamic and rapidly expanding landscape of online food and grocery delivery sectors. In essence, Trakop serves as an intelligent ally, enhancing the operational capabilities of subscription-based businesses and facilitating a smoother, more responsive approach to the demands of the modern market.

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