6 Reasons to Use Online Water Delivery Software

6 Reasons to Use Online Water Delivery Software

Probably, you must be involved in a water delivery business. And must be looking for innovative ways to promote your water delivery services that can lure more customers in a short time span in your service area.

Water Delivery Software

Or, you might be looking to have an effective, reliable, and cost-effective online software that can help you to launch online water business. Do you want to regulate the water supply through online water delivery services to multiply the profits? If yes, then you should read this blog. 

In any case, the most important thing is that you must have knowledge of everything. 

Make Money Easily With Online Water Delivery Software-

Do you sell portable water in a specific area? Do you want to target a huge area to sell bottled water? Do you want to get started by connecting with water delivery software for your customers?

Well, whatever the case be, you seriously need to invest money into online water delivery services because it is the need of the hour. It will add value to your business. 

How Mobile Apps for Water Delivery Can Help You in Expanding Your Business

We have some solid reasons that you must read them carefully.

1. You Can Showcase Your Business Online

Giving an online solution to your customers or your potential clients means that your customers can help you online. It is not possible without an online platform. But with the robust water delivery software, you can easily reach to your clients and get the profits quickly.

2 You Can Set Your Goals for Your Water Business

When you are owning such a big water business, you should mark certain highlights to envision the expansion of your business in the future. It would help you to take your business to the next level. To meet your short-term and long-term goals, online water delivery software helps you to work accordingly.

3 Customers Love Home Delivery of Bottled-Water 

After all, water is the basic commodity that we all need on a regular basis. If there is one thing that your clients would like about your services will be ease of getting the bottled water just through online water ordering service. Taking the burdens off from their shoulders is something we all desire.

4 Portable Water is in Great Demand-

This reason is as simple. A direct supply of filtered water is something that makes people healthier and away from harmful bacterias. You can highlight your water delivery online by selling it through the online water delivery services.

5 Find Collecting Money Inadequate- Get the Payment Online- 

Confusions, EVER!

When you integrate your water delivery business with the best online water supply software created by experts in the industry, you never need to worry. Especially to count the payments. Keeping the complete record of the payments is one of the terrible things that may take a lot of time. And in a business, you can’t afford that. Hence, with online transactions deployed in the software, you easily remove payment-related confusion.

6. Flexible Online Ordering Helps to Get More Water Orders Without Any Difficulty-

The requirements of water vary as per the number of members of the family.  Some need two bottles a day or some may need one per week. The online bottled-water delivery software lets the users schedule their orders as per their needs. This flexible scheduling of the orders makes the online software loved by your online clients.

Final Words-

The best part about online water delivery services is that your water delivery business which is often a neglected or low-rated business can make a lot of money by delivering the water at the customers’ doorsteps. Besides, you can ease the business operations and can track everything from your smartphone. For more information, you can share your details.



White Label Mobile App for Water Delivery Services

White Label Mobile App for Water Delivery Services

Achieving what we have planned or what we desire is always an awesome feeling. It might be the influence of technology or an innovative solution such as a white label mobile app used to help in your business.

Water delivery software - Trakop

Starting the business is not an easy task. There are so many things that need to be planned in the best way. One can’t do things or achieve what they have planned without the help of expert things. In this digital age, many different varieties of businesses are taking advantage of these systems. After covering food, grocery industries, water delivery business is one of the most important sectors that is taking advantage of innovative solutions to enhance their services. 

If you have a startup water delivery business, the concept of app clones might have come into your mind many times. Do you want such an ultimate option? If yes, choose the best white-label app solutions for water delivery services.

What Is A White Label Mobile App for Water Delivery Services?

The white label term implies an already established online product that is developed for a company but later on bought by another company. White label mobile apps are used by various firms without one’s branding. The company that bought the white-label mobile application needs to use its own identification marks, etc. After changing the basic things such as logos, color, pictures, and videos, etc, one can allow their clients to bestow their water supply services with budget-friendly online options.

White label solutions work well when it comes to developing apps. Using white label solutions can increase the distribution of your services providing your audiences with more choices within your services. If you’re still confused about whether a white label solution is for you or not, consider these points:

 Why Consider White Label Mobile App for Water Delivery Services-

You Can Brand Your Services– 

The well-known benefit of having a white label water delivery app is that it helps in branding your delivery services within a short time interval. These online mobile apps are completely ready-made and integrated with all required features. Making the brand more liable for your supply services

Exact Online Water Solution for Your Customers– 

Due to the more demand for online delivery solutions in the market the online consumers find them much more comfortable to use white label water delivery app development solutions to order water bottles of any size. Besides this, you are offering a simple and quick way to reach online customers. You can know your customers more closely and resolve their issues without any delay.

Water Delivery App Solutions Saves Time & Money– 

Developing an online application from scratch takes a lot of resources. It may drown your financial aspects and also gulped a lot of time to develop a robust app to supply bottled water. As there are so many things such as- planning, design, development, and testing of the app solution. White-label app solutions are the best if you need a quick online delivery mobile app to deliver water bottles.

White Label Water Delivery Mobile App Accelerate Efficiency– 

The online applications allow the service owners to concentrate on increasing the productivity of the delivery business. From where to cut resources and where to use them is crucial while doing business. These online solutions help in expanding service base, delivery sources, and achieving goals more effectively.  

Mobile Apps for Water Delivery Helps in Making Profits– 

Making huge profits is everyone’s dream while starting any kind of business. Service providers of the water supply are one of the ‘out of the box’ businesses till now, but this industry is now added in the queue taking the advantages of online water delivery software. It is the best way to improve the performance of the business that automatically increases the profits. 

Wrapping Up-

Hope, the above-mentioned points have shed light on the concept of white-label mobile apps for water delivery services. If you are opening in the bottled-water delivery business and looking for a white-label mobile solution, discuss your business requirements with us. We are waiting to hear from you to help you to improve your business. 



How to Choose the Best Water Delivery Software

How to Choose the Best Water Delivery Software

The demand for online water delivery is too high in the regions where the demand for food and grocery through online systems is high. The demand for choosing the best water delivery software is too high amid the coronavirus outbreak. The customers wanted to get the water delivery at their doorsteps which can be well delivered through online water delivery software.

Water Delivery Software - Trakop

The online water delivery software has shown the real potential of this business to the world by removing the problems of service providers. If you own a water providing service provider that deals with freshwater delivery then this blog is worth reading.

Online Delivery of Fresh Water Bottles-

A water delivery business usually works by getting orders of different water bottles and then delivering them to the customers. The freshwater delivery providers often have very few options to widen their customer base. But with the online freshwater delivery software, the service providers can increase the customer base as well as improve the productivity of the business.

What a Water Delivery Software Can Do for Your Business

The online platforms are helping in removing the intermediates that often are responsible for decreasing the profits of the owners like retailers or distributors, etc. Therefore you can contact your customers directly through online water delivery app solutions and your customers can also place orders.

The delivery of water bottles is made with the help of the delivery staff. The in-built features like real-time tracking enable the users to navigate the locations of delivery staff and customers. 

The bottled water delivery services for freshwater is a cost-effective option that is helping people even in pandemic situations and other emergency situations too.   

With the multiple online payment options, you can make the transactions easy, convenient, and secure. The online solutions have eliminated the problem of getting cash payment. One can get proof of the payments with the online payment feature equipped in water delivery solutions. 

You can handle the deliveries, organize the orders, showcase the different sizes of water bottles, manage the inventory with the help of the dashboard and other features of the online delivery software. 

Get the Best Water Delivery Software-

Without any doubt, it is the right time to connect with a water delivery app software to ensure the deliveries and ease the whole working of the water business. If you are interested in connecting one, you can share your business needs with our experts. This will help you to get the best water delivery software. Your requirements and the suggestions of tech-savvy people would help you to reach your goals quickly and this would also assist you to boost your business profits. 




Key Features of Water Delivery Software

Key Features of Water Delivery Software

Technology has changed the whole world- the way people work or get services. In this era of technology, everyone is obsessed with mobile phones. From booking a taxi to get various services at their home everything can be done with a few clicks with online apps. This is the reason, experts are using various technologies to build mobile applications such as online water delivery services.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the key features of water delivery software. These online solutions for water businesses are expanding their reach by offering online delivery services of bottled water. Customers, as well as the water bottle distributors, prefer to use these services online. 

Key Features of Water Delivery Software - Trakop

Hence, it is necessary to develop an online solution for your customers and to represent all kinds of services online. Besides, the rise in demand for water delivery software has given the opportunity to many startups and established business owners to mark their presence in the market and get more customers in less time.

Therefore, if you want to bang in the water distribution market, you must integrate your business digitally. It is only possible if your online solution has the necessary features. Excited to know! Let’s explore them.

The Customer Panel Of Water Delivery Software-

  • Sign-up/login– It is considered as one of the most important features that enable the customers to enter the valid details to get the water delivery services online. It may include a social media account or a smartphone number. 
  • The Option of Choosing a Specific Water Bottle- There are a lot of different sizes of water bottles that are delivered by the service providers to cover the maximum customers. The different water-bottle sizes enable the customers to choose as per their needs. The service providers can mention the price details of each bottle.
  • Order Delivery Request- Users can request for delivering water online by choosing a certain bottle size with this feature.
  • Enter the Address- Customers can select the location by mentioning their address to get the delivery of bottled water.   
  • Online Payment Options- To get the home delivery of water, customers can make payments through the online payment mode that may include- credit/debit cards, different mobile payment gateways, etc. 

Delivery Expert Panel of Water Delivery Software-

  • Sign up- Similar to that of customer panel, this is for a delivery expert that allows the experts to mention required information such as- name, email address, phone number, etc. 
  • Push Notification- This enables them to know the requests coming from the customers to get the water delivery services. They can accept or reject the requests. 
  • Add Availability– This feature allows them to mark the status of availability or unavailability option.
  • View Order History- This feature enables them to know the total number of order requests of a customer online.
  • Request Payment from Admin- It allows them to know the status of the customer’s payment to whom they are going to deliver water bottles.

Admin Panel Of Water Delivery Software-

  • Manage all the Users- Either it is a customer or a delivery expert, the service provider has the authority to review the details of all the users. They can track them all and keep an eye on all of them easily. 
  • Dashboard- This screen shows all the active users, completing the tasks, pending requests, reviews, number of sales and purchases, etc. It is a kind of monitoring screen that enables the admin to view everything on the phone. 
  • Manage User Payment- This feature allows the admin to know all kinds of payment details about the customers and service providers. In case of any discrepancy, everything can be managed and taken care of.
  • Manage Reviews and Feedback- The feedback and reviews are reviewed & managed by the service providers. 

Boost your water delivery business sales with online water delivery services. With the above-mentioned features, many business owners have automated their offline business to online business. Do you have any queries? Yes! Discuss with our expert team.

Why Your Water Business Needs Online Delivery Software

Why Your Water Business Needs Online Delivery Software 

Just like our normal routines and work culture that is affected because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the businesses are also bearing high voltage effects of spreading of the virus. There is a great risk of getting infected by this contagious virus for everybody. In such a situation, the water business is one of the businesses that is affected to a great extent. The entrepreneurs are looking for such solutions that can serve their customers even in pandemic situations. The online delivery solutions for water supply are helping them in delivering bottled water to the customer’s doorstep within seconds. 

Why Your Water Business Needs Online Delivery Software - Trakop

At this moment every consumer needs the things delivered right in front of their doors. Everybody avoids going out to get their household goods to avoid the infection. Water is the most basic thing we people need. People would love to choose the services of that vendor who so ever is delivering it to the consumers’ mentioned addresses. Water delivery software is one of the best options to choose for the water supply business amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Online Water Delivery Software 

With online delivery applications, they can serve many different people by taking their orders 24/7. The service providers can categorize their services as per the need of their customers’ demands. The categories can be labeled according to the requirements, the geographical area your water supply business is going to target, etc.

How a Water Delivery Software Works

  • The online customers can choose & select the water bottles from the list of services from the online water delivery app development solution.
  • After selecting, the online water delivery software can send a request to the registered water supplier vendor to get the confirmation. 
  • As per the availability of resources, the water delivery expert may accept the request of the clients after viewing the profile and other details.
  • Then the service provider analyses the best route and assigns them to the delivery staff for the water delivery purposes to get them delivered to the doorstep.
  • The online robust water delivery services can get the bookings of numerous customers and serve them as per their mentioned instructions.

How a Water Delivery App Development Can Help You?

  • With online water delivery services, it becomes too easy to trace the targeted audience. Your consumers can pick the water bottle of their choice with the online water ordering software as per their requirements.
  • You can avoid the long queue of your consumers who usually wait in front of your brick-and-mortar office.
  • The transactions have been made online through the in-app payment feature. That means your customers can pay with multiple options that may include- credit card, debit cards, mobile payment options, and even with cash options too. 
  • You can hire delivery experts online and also you can track them through an in-app tracking system. 
  • All these things can help you in accelerating the overall productivity of your business and also boost your profits too. After all, every businessman works to earn good revenue. And if the solution is enabling you to make money amid the coronavirus pandemic then you should not miss it.

All that makes the difference in developing a user-friendly online delivery software is the features that support the working and offer flexibility to the online service platform. We have the best bottled water delivery software that can help your business amid the COVID-19 outbreak. 

How Water Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Software

How Water Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Software

Today every one of us wants all deliverables delivered at the doorstep. After getting the home delivery of food, grocery, and medicines, meat, etc, the water business is looking to deliver bottled water online.  

The advanced solutions actually made the businesses very easy to deal with different operations and have automated the whole procedure from ordering the water bottles to delivery to the customers’ doorsteps. 

How Water Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Software- Trakop

Online Water Delivery Software 

Service providers or business owners dealing with freshwater supply or RO water, water coolers, water bottles, water canes of different sizes, everyone is now preferring to use water delivery software.

The entrepreneurs wanted to grow in this business. Just like food or other delivery businesses that are already almost a decade old in the delivery business, the water distribution business through the online delivery solution is quite new and exciting too for the customers as well as for the businessmen too. 

Top Tips to Develop an Online Water Delivery Solution

Service providers wanted to thrive in their sphere. But it is very important to keep in mind the different essential points that help in the growth of online deliveries of water bottles. After all, it is the water delivery app solution that represents your business. So, read them carefully.   

An Attractive User-Interface- This is one of the most important things that represent your business. The layout of the online water delivery software should be attractive that may comprise design, color, pictures with clarity, etc.  

The Best User Experience – ease in selecting the orders and placing the delivery orders within a few swipes, ease of payments, functionality of the online software, etc are some of the examples that enhance the user experience. Less usage of irrelevant information or steps placing an order that leads to order the bottled water hassle-free and makes the top bottled water delivery app development solution.

Approximate Time of Delivery– While placing the order, the advanced innovative online delivery solutions help the providers to predict the time of delivery to reach the ordered items to the customer’s address. These features increase the trust in your online services.

In-app Payment Options– The ease of payments with multiple options is another very important tip that can help you to increase the customer base. Because as per the data, many people abandon cart products just because they don’t find enough payment choice. This feature is an awesome option to secure and fasten the transactions that may cover several payment options such as-  debit cards, credit cards,  mobile payment gateways, cash on delivery options, etc. 

Wrapping Up- 

There are very few people or firms that have experience in developing online water delivery software. But our professionals know the needs of the water suppliers very well and have worked and are working with them. If you wanted to thrive in your water supply business and wanted to see a bright future for your water distribution business, you must launch your whole working online to get the water orders 24/7. Boost your revenue with us. 

Water Delivery Software: The Best Software For Your Water Delivery Business

Water Delivery Software: The Best Software For Your Water Delivery Business

Looking for reliable water delivery software to distribute bottled water to your customers? Well, there are many service providers that are offering water services online. But when it comes to reliability and flexibility of the online solutions for delivering water, then it usually stumbled.  

Today, everyone wanted to take the benefits of the latest technologies. You can also take advantage of these online solutions by connecting your water delivery business with the best delivery software. Let’s explain these online delivery solutions in detail 

What is Online Water Delivery Software? 

There is no doubt that we are using smartphones for every little thing. Today, life becomes a holo without the Internet. The Internet and the online solutions that work on the latest technology have given a new path to the enterprisers. If we talk from the clients’ side then with the few touches on the screen the delivery software has made the ordering so easy and convenient that customers can now get it at their mentioned location.

Water Delivery Software -The Best Software For Your Water Delivery Business - Trakop

Similarly, the best water delivery software has made the ordering, supply easy and hassle-free. Now the business owners or water distributors are looking for the best featured online delivery software for their water delivery business. Because you can display the size of water bottles online, your online clients can select the quantity of water from the delivery solutions. 

From the ordering of water quantity, easy estimation for ordered products, notifications, scheduling the route for deliveries-everything can be automated with the help of online delivery and management solutions. 

Choose The Best Software For Your Water Delivery Business

Everybody wanted to choose the best software, but the question is HOW? Keep Reading to know the answer and get the robust software to deliver online. Yes, this is true that the right choice of IT professionals makes a huge difference in your business and the way you offer services to your customers. And all these things affect your revenue graph. Other things that help you grow are the features or characteristics of the delivery software. Some of them are- 

  • Ease to operate 
  • Ordering with few clicks
  • Pre-ordering of water bottles
  • Online payment through multiple options
  • Doorstep delivery of water
  • Different sizes of water bottles

The features of the water delivery software can be pick up and put by discussing and analyzing the need of the customers, are you are going to cover, the money you want to invest on the online solution, etc 

Streamline your Water Business With the Best Online Water  Delivery Software- 

Want to switch to online delivery solutions from your old and scrapped offline water delivery business? Yeah! Discuss your business details and needs with our expert team. They will reach you as soon as possible with the best solution that will boost your business productivity. Come on! Launch your online water delivery business NOW.


Corona Impacts on Water Business

Corona Impacts on Water Business

Water is a necessity of each creature on this planet. The demand for the water supply has been affected probably increased due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and lockdown. Everybody is at home which has amplified the consumption. But the shutdown outside has made it extremely difficult for the citizens to get the bottled water. 

People are panicking about how to get pure water and some of them have no option but to use tap water. Many of them are worried that their tap water might be infected with COVID-19

Corona Impacts on Water Business - Trakop

As per experts, in India, you can’t rely on tap water- especially for individuals suffering from chronic diseases or having kids. Restricted movement in the cities has made it difficult to get the bottled water. For temporary solutions, some of the citizens are using boiled water or they are looking for some online delivery app solution to order the sealed gallon bottles. 

Lockdown has Affected the Water Supply Business-

Hence, it is right to write here that service providers don’t have any source from where they can sell the bottled water. Lack of delivery solutions becomes a major problem. To sort the problem the experts have developed the online delivery app solutions for delivering water that is helping the service providers as well as their customers. 

What Do You Mean by Online Water Delivery App?

The online water delivery software enables you to get the order of water bottles directly from the customers and schedule the delivery directly to their doorstep. The authenticated users can select the quantity of water directly from their smartphones within seconds. 

How Online Bottled Water Delivery Software Can Help Your Business?

  1. This is the right time for a business dealing with water delivery to build trust among its customers and rule them by reaching their doorstep in this pandemic situation.
  2. You can get the advantage of online water delivery software. As there are more buyers and few suppliers who are selling water through online modes.
  3. You can have an accelerated graph of revenue by dealing with more number of people even in this crisis too. Because doorstep supply is something people, as well as government authorities, are craving for.  
  4. If you are giving water delivery services through a mobile ordering app, you can invest your resources in a managed way that will definitely help the business to grow. 

Do You Want The Best Water Delivery App Development Solution?

If you are looking for a robust online solution to get the water bottled orders, share your details with the Trakop team. They would help you to get the best-suited online solution. Just frame your requirements and then discuss them with the experts.

11 Benefits of Using Bottled Water Delivery Software

11 Benefits of Using Bottled Water Delivery Software

We can live without food for certain days, but without water, we can’t survive for many days. Be it in any area of the world, getting cleaned water is one of the most challenging issues in the whole water. There are certain such places where access to clean water is not possible. 

In some places, the government has imposed certain restrictions to pull out the groundwater. So, they are using bottled water. 

To ease the whole process of ordering and deliveries, the service providers are taking advantage of water delivery software. Are you already into supplying this facility door-to-door or planning to start this business? If the answer is yes, and wondering what these online water delivery app solutions used for and its benefits then read the points given below-

What is Water Delivery Software?

Just like food delivery apps, bottled water app delivery solution is used by the service providers to get online orders of bottled water delivery directly from the customers. The order is then dispatched to the client’s doorsteps on the mentioned date and time. The whole process from ordering to delivery is done with the help of water delivery software.  

Top Benefits of Having a Bottled Water Delivery Software-

11 Benefits of Using Bottled Water Delivery Software - Trakop

#1 The Best Way to Get the Water in Case of Pandemic Situations Too- Coronavirus has stormed the whole world. It seems like life is taking a break and is on the setback. But Can we take the break from not having basic needs? No, at least water and food are the necessary things that are required by everyone. The delivery software is helping the owners by providing them to the client’s place. Imagine ordering and delivery is one click play! Hence, you can operate with these online options even if the government has imposed a ban on mass gatherings. It is proved that these solutions can offer services even in the most devastating situations.  

#2 Customers are Getting Crystal Clear Water with Delivery Software – Bottled water is believed to be safest as to open up this service proper permissions are required. The online software helps in providing the purest water to the customers. Therefore, your customers are getting clean and healthy water without any chemicals. Plus, your clients can choose the required amount of water from their smartphones. Similarly, the customers can reach pure water even in any situation just through their phones.

#3 No Possibility of Alteration – As explained in the above point too. This is the most important benefit of an online bottled water delivery solution. We all work and spend our money to get the purest eateries. Don’t we? We do, irrespective of the country or place we live in. The mobile solution benefits of bestowing things without any alterations and without any harmful bacterias.  

#4 Bottled Water Delivery Software Saves Time – In offline services, the customers need to call the delivery center to get it dispatched to their place. Then an individual on calling point or receptionist notes down the requirements of callers. This complex process is sorted easily with the help of an online water delivery solution as the customer just needs to click on a button to place an order. And to dispatch, owners just need to plan the routes for dispatching them through their experts with few clicks. Therefore, the whole process saves the precious time of the users. 

#5 Water Delivery Software Helps in Saving Money – The benefits of mobile solutions for water do not just provide clean and pure water, but it also saves money. As the customer travels to a distant place to purchase the water bottles. In the whole process, they spend their time plus they drive with their own conveyance to get the bottles for the office or home where they spend money on fuel. The online solutions help the customers to get them delivered at their doorsteps that eventually saves the money. 

#6 Service Providers May Use it For Delivering Other Beverages – Water is the basic need of everyone so the online software is used by many. Due to the ease, it offers to the owners, the demand for delivering other beverages through online software is at a great height.

#7 Best Option for Storage of Clean Water – People generally store at least one water bottle for future use. There are a limited number of options for storing the water in the offices and even in our homes too. The top benefit of online water delivery software is to store the water in a safe and easy way. 

# 8 Quick Access and Hassle-free Delivery – Online water delivery is the most convenient way for people to get it at their mentioned address. Now the water is one click away and all thanks to the online water delivery services. To get a quick and hassle-free delivery, the customers need to enter the addresses to get it conveniently.

#9 It Helps in Preserving the Environment – As I have explained the bottled water is safest and purest. People choose the services because of its undoubtful quality. But the availability of bottle size that is of one little or less is actually adding scrap as they are made with a use-and-throw approach. You can’t use them to store the water. But you can store water in the bottles dispatched with these online options. It is completely safe to use. The life of these bottles is more than other bottles.    

#10 Ease of Paying at Any Time – In this pandemic situation, it’s not safe to deal with cash. This bottled water delivery software allows you to get the payments online with multiple options. Therefore, it’s the greatest advantage of getting the payments directly into the account.

#11 Best Way to Manage the Containers/Bottles – Have you lost your containers while transporting them and not having any idea where they are gone? No worries! This problem is often faced by service providers dealing with such services. With the features of this software, you can easily track the deliveries as well as manage the empty bottles.  


If we talk about the current situation then the businesses have drawn downed by the pandemic outbreak. But as per the reports, the businesses that are connected with the daily delivery and management software are less affected. Therefore, to get the above-mentioned benefits for your business it is important to understand the need for such mobile options. If you are looking for such an option, Trakop builds the best water delivery management software. Request a demo now.