White Label Medicine Delivery Software for Your Pharmacy Store

White Label Medicine Delivery Software for Your Pharmacy Store

The concept of a white-label mobile app has grown into every sector. The mobile delivery apps facilitate everyone to order or deliver things, then why a pharmacy business stays behind. 

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Looking at the pharmacy sector closely, the most important thing is white label pharmacy delivery software to get online medicine orders and delivery. A service provider can easily cope with several numbers of customers and their orders at a time with online medicine delivery apps. The concept of white-label mobile apps is a must if you have not yet connected with any method offering a digital platform to showcase the whole business. Read the following to manage your whole business through the online business. 

What is White-Label Pharmacy Delivery Software?

After using the concept of white-label in the entertainment market, this word is now used by everyone irrespective of its business size or regime. It is the method to make or use similar products as used by other business owners to showcase your business that may include products, services, etc. 

The functionality and the working remains the same as that of the original one. What changes is the logo, text, video, pictures, tag line, etc? White-label pharmacy delivery software replicates the working of mobile apps for medicine delivery. To make it business-friendly, experts integrate the working of medicine delivery as per the requirements of pharmacists. What is the requirement of these white-label pharmacy delivery solutions? Why does one need them to operate their business? Keep reading to know the answers.

Why Consider White Label Pharmacy Delivery Solutions 

1. Perfect Pharmacy Software for Your Customers to Order Medicines Online – 

Because of the increased demand for pharmacy delivering solutions in the market, online experts have designed flexible Whitelabel medicine delivery solutions. The simple yet powerful tools of online apps enable your customers to choose the type of medicine online at any time. Through these online solutions, you can closely know the demands of your customers and can improve them by knowing the online rates and reviews. 

2. It Helps in Branding Your Services– 

This is the perfect answer to why to choose white-label pharmacy delivery solutions. It helps you to make your business just a brand known for delivering medicines. You can brand your delivery services within a short time interval. In today’s world brand is important for any business because customers trust more on branded mobile apps for medicine delivery.

3. Online Pharmacy Software Helps in Saving Money & Your Time- 

Building online software from scratch is too difficult. Connecting with the ready-made pharmacy app is a mind-blowing option to save resources. It can save your financial expenses and also save a lot of time too. Obviously, developing a mobile app for pharmacy needs keen research & planning, development, designing, etc. The time you devote to manage every time to find out the availability of medicines when customers ask for a specific one, you can spend it to improve your overall business.

4. You Can Increase the Productivity of Your Pharmacy Business-

White-label pharmacy delivery software enables pharmacists or medicine delivery owners to concentrate on boosting productivity. Getting online orders for medicine and scheduling their deliveries can easily be done with online platforms. Still, these online solutions help you to manage your business resources efficiently.  

5. White Label Pharmacy Delivery Software Accelerate Business Revenue – 

We all love to make profits. How? This is one of the biggest questions in every business. You as a service provider or a pharmacist can’t accelerate your profits in this digital age if you are not using online apps. Connecting with delivery software is very important. With the exclusive features that enhance the performance of the business automatically.

Wrapping Up-

Due to the rapidly increasing use of mobile phones and other smart electronic gadgets around the world, connecting with white label pharmacy delivery software is a great strategy for a local business. If you’re thinking of having a pharmacy delivery app software, make sure to consider everything to make it customer-centric and business-friendly. If you have any doubt regarding anything, discuss with our experienced professionals. You can contact us to learn the details. Our team will love to help you! Connect Here!




How to Make Medical Business Profitable with Online Delivery Solutions Amid COVID-19

How to Make Medical Business Profitable with Online Delivery Solutions Amid COVID-19

The arrival of coronavirus has disturbed everything. From the restricted movement of an individual to business operations, everything has been messed up. As per the experts, it’s not a short term situation. It is a long term fight and learns to live with this virus until the time our medical experts have not found any medication or vaccine. The pandemic has affected everybody on this globe. 

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As per the World Bank, the world is facing the biggest recession all over the globe after World War-II. The survival of businesses has become too tough. There is a strong need for strategies or solutions that can actively work for business even in such emergency situations too. Social distancing, Stay at home, Clean your hands are some of the slogans to fight against the COVID-19.

Making Profits Even During Pandemic!!!!!

Do you know! Even in such situations, some entrepreneurs are making profits in their businesses. How? If we talk about the pharmacy business, then I think, some of them are actually making it because of the online medicine delivery app solutions. So, What can you do for your business to survive in this Pandemic situation?

Change your just pharmacy business into the delivery business.  

Or you can say, you must connect with medicine delivery software. You can do so easily by talking to the experts. Read the points below to know it more clearly. Transformation requires complete information of your stock in your pharmacy. After all, you need to represent your medicine business online. 

  • List down all the medicines or healthcare products. This would help the developers to know the inventory products. All you can showcase them through online medicine delivery app.
  • Research on the Internet to get complete knowledge of the features in an online app.
  • Must analyze your competitors. Find out their weak points.
  • Analyze the needs of your customers. Find out the answers such as- What do your customers want? What does your pharmacy business require to boost sales? Do you need the key features or advanced features?
  • Search for the best developers to build your online app for medicine delivery. 

Why Do You Need Medical Delivery Software?

  • The online medical software helps in making the business more vulnerable to satisfy the massive demand for these healthcare products. Today, everybody is preferring or you also can say is forced to stay inside the home. Nobody wanted to get infected with the contagious virus. Therefore, people desire to use online measures to order medicines or related things.
  • Physical money is believed to be the biggest transporter of viruses. So, how to get the payments? Well, IT experts have sorted that issue too. With the help of online multiple payment options, you can get the payments 24/7 without any hassle.
  • From the information listed in the online medicine delivery software, you can check the expiry date of all the products.
  • You can view the profits and analytics, check sales in a day, week or month within a few clicks, are some of the amazing benefits that force everyone to integrate the offline medicine business with online delivery apps. 

Trakop – The Best Online Solution for Medicine Delivery

The integration of the right technology into an online solution is very important. After taking care of the needs of service providers, our expert professionals’ team has used the advanced technology that boosts the profits in less time. You can transform your business at any time amid COVID-19. All you need to do is to talk to our experts to give the details of your pharmacy business.




Why Medicine Delivery Apps are Gaining Popularity

Why Medicine Delivery Apps are Gaining Popularity

The medical industry is one of the continuously flourishing industries in the world. Either its medical products or just healthcare products, the demand is emerging that has insisted the owners to develop medicine delivery apps. The online medical solutions have gained a lot of popularity because they offer immense benefits to the customers as well as the medical store owners or pharmacists.

Why Medicine Delivery Apps are Gaining Popularity - Trakop

Let’s explore how and why people are more inclined towards medicine delivery software.  

As per the Statistics- 

The market size of the medical industry is expected to touch 350 billion dollars by the end of 2025. Due to the arrival of this COVID-19, the medical market has reached a new growth rate. In this era of coronavirus, the medical app development market is getting a great boom.

Why Medicine Delivery Software is Gaining Popularity

The hunger for getting Uber for medicine delivery is floating in the market. With these online delivery solutions, medical distributors are making huge profits. In the below points, we are going to mention points to answer the above-written ‘why’ which made the online medicine apps famous worldwide. 

Online Options Saves Time- 

Online customers can easily order the required medicines with just a few clicks from the online medicine app. Instead of waiting in the queue in front of stores, users can save their time by ordering it from online ordering solutions.

Helps In Saving Money-

People love to get things at a low rate and at a discounted rate. The online medicine delivery app development has various features that provide medicine at low cost to their loyal customers. It is an amazing way for medical store owners to increase the customer base. Referring to other users through reward points or referrals is another best point of online medicine software. 

Medicine Delivery Software Helps in Explaining Products More Easily- 

The app contains complete information and detail about each medicine. It helps the user to know about the benefits, side-effects, and the ingredients that the medicine contains. This feature makes the app more flexible and easy to use for the user.

Quick Delivery of Medical Products-

Customers can get the medications at their doorsteps with the instant delivery service offered by the medicine delivery app. Explore the medicines in the app and easily order the prescribed medicines with just a few taps on the app. This helps in avoiding long waiting queues at the hospitals and pharmacies.

In-app Payments- 

The online medicine delivery app provides attractive discounts and offers to the buyers. This helps the companies in earning potential customers by maintaining a long level of trust and loyalty with them. These loyalty points can be used by the customers later on purchases.

24/7 Ordering- 

Doctors or pharmacists are available 27×7 on the app. This means you can have online chat with them or have an online video-conferencing. Moreover, in the situation of an emergency, users can also call the specialist at any time of the day.

Excellent Way to Track The Inventory-

In case of any problems or queries, users can return the medicines back to the shop, and also they can lodge a complaint against the order. In addition to this, users can also ask for a refund, and if the refund request is not accepted, users can get in touch with the app company.

Wrapping Up

The online medicine delivery app development offers complete information to the users and helps in managing the complete pharmacy business from taking the medicine orders to dispatching them to their doorstep. The online medical software connects the online user with medical stores and offers the products at competitive prices to ensure the maximum benefits. If you want to develop your own medicine delivery software, just consult our professionals to get the best solutions on a low budget.



5 Reasons to Develop Best Pharmacy Delivery Software for Medical Store

5 Reasons to Develop Best Pharmacy Delivery Software for Medical Store

Are you thinking of switching from old traditional ways of medicine delivery into new ways? If yes, you can do it with pharmacy delivery software.

Do you own a medical store or a pharmacy or just into the medicine delivery business from producing units to the customer’s place? If yes, then this is the right time to choose the best delivery software for medical stores that are helping pharmacies to work amid the coronavirus outbreak. Without any doubt, the competition is too tough in the pharmacy business, but with the online delivery software having the best features, you can top in the competition. But now the question is which things make the pharmacy delivery software the best for the medical stores.

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What Are the Reasons for Developing Medicine Delivery Software?

To be very honest! There are so many of them to develop an application for delivering medicines. Let’s have a look at the main reasons. 

Medicine Delivery App Increase the Customer Base- 

Whoever is in any kind of business knows the pain of keeping the old customers as well as interacting with the new ones. Nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphones to get things that may include- ordering food, grocery, flowers, taxi booking, and many more. For all of these services, different applications have been developed. 

Similarly, the online pharmacy delivery software enables the customers to order the required medicines, drugs, etc from the medicine ordering applications 24/7. The pharmacy management software is helping the medical stores to connect with a larger number of clients in a short time. 

The medicines are listed in such a way that the online user can check the expiry date, price online before ordering them from the application.

To Get the Online Payments- 

The online transactions have made online medicine delivery software the best. As the customers need not pay in cash. The in-app payment options enable them to pay for ordering the medicines through MasterCards, Visa Cards, mobile payment gateways or even choose the COD (Cash On Delivery) option. Therefore, the hassle of calculating the total sum of money, need for paper, pen, calculator, etc are efficiently discarded with the help of online medicine delivery applications.

Online Pharmacy Delivery Boost Revenue- 

Everyone invests their money in businesses that actually enhance their profits. Medicine delivery apps are an excellent way to accelerate revenue. As there are so many times when customers need medicines but can’t order them due to many reasons such as- odd timings, weather conditions, and many more like closed stores, but the online delivery software for pharmacies works 24/7. 

They just need to choose the required medicine and time of delivery. Don’t you think it is an awesome option? I think it is. Look, you can get the medicine orders even at midnight. It would naturally scale-up the profit graphs. 

They Help In Reducing Wastage- 

It happens many times when medicine expires because you or an individual from your workforce keep them at an inaccessible place in the store. All that results in a loss. But the pharmacy management software can store every single detail about every single drug in the online distribution software.    

With this, you can stop the wastage. As there are several advanced features like loyalty options, discounts, offers, that you can use them to show the availability of drugs having expiry date nearer at a bit less cost to your loyal consumers. This would help you in many ways – as you can accelerate your business profits and make trust among customers for your brand & online medicine delivery services and of course reduce the loss. 

Wrapping Up-

In Conclusion, I don’t think you have any reason left to not to develop a pharmacy delivery software for your medical store. Yes! I can agree that you may have queries? Do you have any questions? If yes, please discuss them with our expert team, they will help you in switching to online medicine delivery applications. 

Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery Software

Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery Software

From the past few years, the online delivery app development solutions have gained a lot of popularity among consumers as well as the service providers too. Currently, the experts have made different business models for easing the process. Amid this coronavirus pandemic, the online delivery solutions are the need of the hour.  

After understanding the benefits of the solutions the business spheres that people rarely think for online solutions are stepping into the online delivery world. Like Medicine or pharmacy is small yet is in a lot of demand worldwide are also looking for such delivery app development solutions.

Benefits of Online Medicine Delivery Software

What are the Main Benefits of Medicine Delivery Software

The main function of any medicine delivery app is to match the demand and supply of medicine in the fastest way possible. This is especially true when applied to delivery and management software that it prioritizes speed and convenience above all that helps to manage the whole inventory quickly. In addition to that, the online app for medicine delivery offers a number of benefits for both businesses and customers. Some of the important ones are given below-

Fast– It usually takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours to execute an order, depending on the type of service. Yet, the order placement takes just a few taps, so the process is easy and convenient for both the customer and the pharmacy owners.

Cost-effective– The delivery and management model reckon mostly on independent distributors using their own form of transportation. That is why a business owner of medical stores or pharmacists doesn’t need to hire full-time couriers or take care of their logistics, unlike traditional delivery providers. Plus, 80% of the customers using medicine delivery apps report being able to save money on delivery.

Convenient– From placing an order to making a payment with in-app payment options or tracking the order in real-time, medicine delivery app development solutions are made to be convenient and easy to use. From a business point of view, this allows the pharmacists to set up a streamlined and efficient process by removing the additional layer of micro-management, inventory management, and connecting customers directly to dispatch.

Transparent– Mutual ratings and feedback provided by the online users and deliverymen allows for better visibility and trust-building. Moreover, as a business owner, you can monitor the feedback and address the issues as soon as they arise. 

One of the main characteristic features of a medicine delivery app development solution is that it relies primarily on mobile-first user experience.  The mobile apps for medicine delivery offer greater flexibility and robustness and allow online users i.e. both the clients and dispatchers to request or provide services in one go. You can connect your services to the online delivery solution by a few clicks.

Corona Impacts on Medicine Business

Corona Impacts on Medicine Business

Certain news flashes and headlines of increasing coronavirus cases are being more disastrous especially to the old age, poor, and sick people. Due to the lockdown across the country, an emergency-like situation is pumping the non-infected people to chase basic medical items like masks, anti-bacterial pills, sanitizers, and other medicines.

Corona Impacts on Medicine Business

Impact of COVID-19 has increased the demand and sales of the medicine in the market globally. But how to get them all because there is a complete lockdown, no-one is supposed to go out. Despite the fact, the administrations have given the relaxations to the medical stores to open their stores for some hours so that ill people can get the important medicine. Still, the fear of getting infected and various rumors in society scares everybody not to step out.

Problems Faced due to Unavailable Modes Of Online Delivery Options-

This leads to a sharp decrease in the sale of medicines and other related things, though there is demand as well as customers too; but what in the society we as the citizens are missing; definitely it is the connection or medium of transferring them. 

What is an Online Medicine Delivery App Development Solution?

Now, the question is how to deliver medicine to the customers and how to make the profits. Simply! The thing working in this world nonstop is the Internet, So you can easily reach customers through an online mobile app for medicine delivery.  The online medicine delivery app development solutions could be the best example

How Online Medicine Delivery Software Can Help?

  • The Online Medical Delivery app can be a relief for the end customers, especially those who are sick or have some chronic diseases who can’t go outside to get their regular medicines. Therefore, your patients can order from their smartphones with a few clicks. Even the one ailing with serious diseases like – diabetes, cancer, etc.  
  • The elderly patients who are told to be inside the home as the coronavirus is affecting the elderly people more can use the online medicine delivery application to order the drugs to get them at their doorstep.
  • Pharmacists or medical store owners can sell medicines without any hassle using online ordering software and can reach the targeted audience directly amid curfew rather than a huge bunch of the customers at their shops or doorsteps to get the medicines.
  • As a vendor, you can keep track of the deliveries through the delivery app panel as well as maintain the records of inventory that may include- stocks, orders, deliveries, easily without any issue.
  • Through the multiple online payment options, you can put your transactions online and get the payment directly into the account.

Do You Want The Best Medicine Delivery App Development Solution?

In short, the online medicine delivery app development services save time and help the pharmacists to take orders and deliver them to the clients. It is the best time to attach the business with a mobile ordering app for medicine delivery. Share your business details with our experts and make your medicine supply business live. 

Make Your Medicine Business COVID-19 Safe

Make Your Medicine Business COVID-19 Safe

Medicines are the most essential items that are required in our daily life. In this crisis, after food, it is the medicines that are getting out of reach. The chemists and pharmacists are finding no way to dispatch them to the needed customers.



People having chronic diseases have hardly any option to get the prescribed drugs. Obviously, nobody was ready to take such an extended lockdown.

What Options Can Help the Pharmacists?

Can you think about what people are getting in unlimited quantities in this lockdown situation? Let me help you, these are-

  • Clean Air to breath and
  • Of course the Internet.

So, the pure quality of air is helping people and everybody is getting the advantage of the Internet. If we talk about the pharmacists or business owners working with medicine businesses may take advantage of online delivery app solutions to deliver the medical products and other healthcare items.

How Online Medicine Delivery Software is Helping Pharma Business in Pandemic?

The on-demand medicine delivery app development solutions have filled the gap between the consumers and the medical providers or owners of pharma stores. The mobile apps for medicine delivery are helping the pharmacists to deliver the ordered drugs to the online consumers’ address. The solution allows the consumers to pick and add the required items into their cart and order it by simply paying it through the online payment options.

With the help of the delivery experts, the admin schedules the delivery of ordered products at the mentioned timings. Individual panels allow each user to work smoothly even in the coronavirus pandemic.

To make the business alive it’s very important to keep it in a working situation. And in this curfew-like situation, the businesses especially the pharmacy stores can only work with the help of online medicine delivery software. Do you want an online solution? If yes, contact us now