Mobile Apps to Deliver Groceries Amid COVID-19 – Why?

Mobile Apps to Deliver Groceries Amid COVID-19 – Why?

The COVID-19 has interrupted everybody- common routines, office works, even a visit to a nearby grocery store. As many countries have shut every single store amid pandemic. Similarly, all the food eateries have closed their dine-in tradition for everyone. From businesses to the share market everything is experiencing a great downfall in the revenue and expecting a great recession in the near future.

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According to the CDC,

  • The most effective and easy way to prevent the infection is
  • To restrict the movement of people
  • Quarantine yourself inside the home
  • Avoid gathering places
  • And if visited then keep at least six feet distance between the people.

In such situations, to fulfill the needs of the kitchens, online mobile grocery apps, are being used by the online users to deliver groceries to the customers’ doorsteps. Today’s hottest news in the market is the record downloads in the online grocery apps.

Why is Grocery Delivery Software Essential?

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us the uncertainty about grocery delivery services. But online grocery app services are offering a peace of mind to the service providers as they are fulfilling the humans’ needs easily. 

Even in the situation where thousands of people are quarantined at their homes, the mobile apps for grocery delivery are helping people to order and deliver the grocery products at their mentioned addresses. These online delivery options are also contributing to flattening the graph of coronavirus infected spread among people. So, they become an essential part of our lives.  

Online Users are Ordering Groceries Via Delivery Apps –

  • You know, everyone is scared of the coronavirus infection as there is no cure. The medical experts are unable to find the vaccine and what we all have is to prevent ourselves from this infection. 
  • Therefore, today’s most convenient and safest way to get the items is grocery delivery apps. These online delivery options are helping people amid pandemic lockdown to get the ordered items right in front of their houses. The benefits of these robust mobile apps for grocery apps is the record downloads in various parts of the country that are delivering them with the zero-contact approach to ensure the spreading of the virus.

Is It Important To Have a Grocery Delivery App Development Solution-

  • This question is asked by many. Many people Google to know the exact reasons. 
  • Well, to see the whole scenario, there is no doubt that the online grocery delivery apps are proving as a blessing for the service providers as well as for the customers. The one already having these online delivery solutions for their grocery stores are making huge money even in COVID-19 pandemic and during the lockdown. 
  • They are successfully getting the orders of groceries online and delivering them through these methods too. If you want to track your whole grocery business operations and boost the profits then the answer to the above question is a big YES! Online grocery delivery software is a must in today’s world.


Being in the mobile app development industry, we have never seen or even imagined this much advantage of the grocery delivery applications ever before. As per the data available on the Internet, there is a great future of mobile grocery applications in the future. Therefore, must-own It! Ask Your Queries Here!



White Label Mobile App for Grocery Delivery Services

White Label Mobile App for Grocery Delivery Services

The trend of using grocery delivery apps has increased these days. To get the increased profits from the grocery business, staying ahead of the competitors, making more customers are some of the reasons people have inclined towards these white-label mobile apps for grocery delivery. The COVID-19 outbreak has played an important role in accelerating the developments of online grocery delivery services.

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In this blog, we are going to discuss everything about the white label apps developed typically for the grocery business. We would also look at some of the stats that help in making you see the achieved and predicted growth rate of these online grocery delivery app solutions.

  • According to Statista, the growth rate of the grocery sector was accounted to be 14.2 billion US dollars in 2017. According to experts, by the year 2021, the growth is expected to reach almost 30 billion US dollars.
  • Another research says that online grocery delivery businesses are expected to grab more than one-fifth of the market by the end of 2025.
  • All these figures emphasize the need for white-label grocery delivery app development services. Before moving ahead, let’s understand the concept of white-label.

Well! Let me explain it in the most simple way. If a firm has some kind of product and others want to copy it that may include- functioning, work, basic structure, etc then they can easily do it. Make sure that the appearance, logo, color would remain different. The whole process is named as white-labeling. The buzz of developing white-label applications is too high due to the ease of operating the whole business because of the arrival of innovative technology.

What is White-Label Mobile Apps for Grocery Delivery Services?

There’s no doubt that the grocery delivery apps have eliminated the distance between the service providers and the consumers. From a smartphone with the help of these mobile grocery delivery apps, store owners can easily display their products to their clients.
The online consumers and check, select, add to cart, order, and get the products at their doorsteps. All can be done with the help of a smartphone screen. To ease the whole grocery business working, the experts have designed three individual app panels for online grocery delivery software. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Admin Panel of Grocery Delivery App
  • Delivery Panel of Grocery Delivery App
  • Customer Panel of Grocery Delivery App

There are some pre-defined and key features that are considered as the basic characteristics used to carry out the functionality of the grocery shopping app. Let’s discuss the important features of each white-label mobile app for the grocery delivery business.

Admin App of Grocery Delivery App

Let’s discuss the owner’s panel. Through this app panel, the grocery store owner can easily manage the deliveries, get the orders 24/7, track the user base, track the inventory, and much more.

  • Management of all Users- Be it the customers or the delivery men, admin can manage every user.
  • Dashboard- It allows Grocery Store owners to check all figures and data regarding the sales, orders per day, etc. The owners can check the day-to-day earnings within a few swipes.
  • Reports and Analytics- Another important chunk of the grocery app. A complete view of all the payment-related data, profit earned in a day, week, or in a month. Basically, it is a report card of the complete grocery business.
  • View– It is a key feature that enables the owners to track the delivery staff who are supposed to deliver the ordered grocery items at the customer’s doorsteps.

Panel for Delivery Staff of Online Grocery App

To ease the work of delivery, the experts have put some important points in delivery man applications.

  • Sign-in- To get access to an online delivery app of a grocery shopping app, the dispatcher needs to add some important information such as- email address, smartphone number, etc.
  • In-app Payments– Before delivering they can review the information about the payment paid or not. In case of not done, they can get the cash from the customer and then pay to the owners.
  • Route– To ease the delivery work, the delivery man can see the whole road map that helps them to reduce the searching time and automatically increase efficiency.
  • Notifications- Another important feature of a grocery delivery app service. Drivers can easily get the notifications for canceled grocery orders, etc.
  • In-app Communication Options- To contact consumers, or grocery store owners, etc drivers can communicate with the customers as well as the service providers in case of any emergency.

Customer App for Grocery Delivery Services-

An individual app for online consumers that enables them to get the benefits of an online grocery shopping app.

  • Sign in- Just like the driver app, the customers need to enter the vital information in order to get the online grocery services which may include- mobile number, email address, etc.
  • Order from the Groceries List- After searching properly from the list, customers can add the grocery items into their cart and proceed for the ordering option. By mentioning the address to deliver the order, they can easily get the grocery orders.
  • In-app Calling– It enables an online customer to call the drivers in order to confirm or change the order time.
  • Notification– Customers can get an alert message popularly known as a notification. With this feature, online users can get updated regarding the cancelation of the placed orders or delay in the dispatch in case there is any, etc.
  • In-app Payments– With the real-time payment feature, customers can pay for the ordered groceries through multiple payment options such as- Credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment gateways, and many more.

Get the Best White Label Mobile App for Your Grocery Delivery Services-

Features can be deployed as per the requirement of the service provider. Through the addition of features play an important role in the success of the grocery delivery services. Don’t know which white-label grocery app development solutions are the best for your grocery business. Just make the points of your needs and discuss them with our experts. We would love to hear from you and would give you the best online delivery software for your grocery business.







How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery System with Readymade App?

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery System with Readymade App?

Since you’re in the grocery business, you know it’s too challenging to keep moving in this business ahead of your competitors. Nowadays, competition has risen to such a level that the service providers or grocery store owners need to do a lot of unique things that actually work to develop it to another level. Investing various resources to connect to the customers is one of the major concerns of today’s world. Starting with online grocery delivery is the most favorable thing in today’s world. 

How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery System with Readymade App - Trakop

There are so many readymade apps that are used by many owners to deliver grocery products. We all know that every businessman wants to make good relations with the customers and a grocery delivery system can be started with ready-made apps. The main objective is to make the business more productive by spending less. 

In the modern approach, the data available on the Internet shows that people love to shop from online grocery delivery systems. And Readymade online systems are the best for the entrepreneurs to save their time as well as money, especially in this age of coronavirus pandemic. The popularity of grocery delivery apps is growing everywhere in the world. These readymade grocery apps have minus the waiting times for the customers that they spend while buying groceries wasting their weekends. Below, we have shared information about attaching the readymade app to get online grocery delivery orders. 

4 Reasons Why Start with Online Grocery Delivery System with Readymade App- 

The online delivery system has blown new air in the market. Without which every business is incomplete in today’s advanced world. The online grocery delivery app is the only option at the initial stage of a businessman to get a stamp of online delivery of groceries. There are so many online delivery systems that are giving opportunities to the startups to get access to supplying groceries online. But there are few of them that are actually offering the best online delivery for grocery items.  

There is a High Demand in the Market

If we talk about the grocery market alone, then the demand for grocery delivery app development is so high. Due to the arrival of the coronavirus pandemics in which governments have taken some harsh decisions- lockdown is/was the most prominent among all where the need and demand for online grocery solutions have shown their importance all over the world. 

To cope up with the fast-growing competition, readymade grocery apps are everybody’s need to fulfill the growing needs of customers. Besides, almost everyone is using mobile phones. Almost 80 % of people having the age of 35 years are using various types of mobile applications to order things through their smartphones. And in the future the count of the online users is supposed to be increased very quickly because of the availability of the Internet and ease of reaching all the necessary things by the customers.  

Online Apps Increase Revenue

After all, the main purpose of connecting to more number of people through online grocery delivery solutions is to boost business profits. Everyone aims to make as much revenue as they can through their business. This is the reason they are looking for the best experts to connect with the grocery delivery software. 

You can Track Inventory and Deliveries Online

The mobile software for grocery delivery showcases a complete list of products and items related to the grocery that helps the owners to know the available and unavailable grocery products. The inbuilt features such as real-time location enable you to track the position of delivery man and track the location of customers.

Wrapping Up

If you want to launch your business as early as possible and are looking for a readymade app for your grocery delivery business, we have a robust online delivery software Trakop, specially developed to meet the demands of startup businesses. Concerned about your business? Wanted to know more? Just discuss it with our experts. 


What are the Benefits of Online Grocery Delivery Software

What are the Benefits of Online Grocery Delivery Software

Grocery delivery right in front of the doors has become the need of the hour in the world. The online app solutions for grocery delivery are helping everybody- customers grocery store owners, owners who run supermarkets by saving time and reducing the hassle of finding the solutions for their problems. Like, the customers want the grocery items while business providers want the customers to sell their products. These things can easily be done online grocery delivery software. The online delivery services for grocery business may help you to increase the customer base.

Grocery delivery software helps in every term. Offering just convenience of dispatching the grocery items, these online apps for grocery delivery offer support to the online consumers to order the grocery items from the online list. Here, we are going to explain how supermarkets or grocery businesses can get the benefits of online grocery delivery software.

Top Benefits of Connecting With Online Grocery Delivery App

What are the Benefits of Online Grocery Delivery Software - Trakop

You can Get the Orders of Groceries Online During Lockdown- 

The list of grocery items is too lengthy that can easily be delivered with the help of grocery delivery app development solutions. Just imagine these online solutions enable you to connect to your online customers and visa versa even in shutdown conditions. All that needs is to own a flexible grocery delivery app that acts as a bridge between the seller and consumer.

You Can Provide Fresh Groceries to Your Consumers-

Grocery items usually come with an expiry date. The online grocery delivery software enables you to dispatch products easily. The online solutions work on a contactless delivery approach. All the customers need to do is to choose and pick the items into the cart.  

Mobile App for Grocery Delivery Saves Time-

In offline ways, the consumers generally call the grocery stores to get the items delivered at their place, whereas the in-built features of the online mobile delivery app for grocery delivery enables clients to order the required products just by picking the options into the cart. The trouble of getting the calls and writing down the required things is actually annoying. The need for a pen, paper, calendar and other traditional methods are being discarded with the help of online grocery delivery software.

You can Get the Payments Online- 

The ordered groceries can easily be ordered with a customer panel and for payment options, the in-app payment options can help your customers to pay the required amount of money online. The online payment options may include credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment options, cash options, and many more.

You Can Reduce the Rush In Your Stores-

How annoying it is when you have customers standing in long queues. It has seen many times that customers sometimes fight at the billing counter. Obviously waiting is stressful for every one of us. The online grocery delivery app development solutions benefit you to eliminate the struggle of dealing with the clients waiting in the queues. As it only takes a single swipe to get the benefits of deals of the best online grocery apps. 

Your Consumers can Have Hassle-free Delivery-

The mobile app for grocery delivery is the most beneficial method for your clients to get groceries at the mentioned place and at the mentioned time.


Of course, you want your supermarket business to be thriving as well as profitable. One way to help you do that is to use online grocery delivery software. How can you connect with the online app for grocery delivery? How much cost do you need to spend to make the business digitalize? Are you gambling with such questions? Don’t worry. Just share your details and get the best online delivery solution for your grocery business. 

Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions for Your Supermarket

Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions for Your Supermarket 

The corona pandemic did a lot worse than we actually can imagine. From ruining the businesses, affecting the normal lives, spreading the infection from one place to another, killing thousands of people around the world- a lot has been changed. The wheel of the economy is slowing down day by day affecting many people in the world. 

Nobody can compare who is more affected; governments, business people or the citizens of the countries. Coronavirus is spreading like a forest fire. Governments are worried because they are lacking in essential medical equipment and other healthcare measures. The medical sector is trying their best to save people’s lives and worried to find out the treatments and vaccines. 

Best On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions

Talking about the citizens, they are worst affected due to the unavailability of modes that can supply the essential items used in the kitchen; groceries are the major thing that is required by the citizens during this pandemic situation. The lockdown outside did not allow them to go out and get the groceries as some of the countries have completely restricted the movements of their citizens. 

Coronavirus Outbreak has Affected the Whole World-

This is affecting the businesses too, as they are not capable of selling their stock from their inventories but on the other hand, there are so many businesses that are still into the business. Yes! Some of them are doing businesses, selling items to their customers. Now the question is HOW? The answer is through online delivery services through which they are giving door-to-door delivery of grocery items. Now after food, grocery has become the major need of people during the coronavirus outbreak.

What Do You Mean by On-demand Grocery Delivery App Development Solutions-

Just like other delivery services, the mobile app for grocery delivery allows the service providers or owners of supermarkets to get the orders of grocery items online from the customers and deliver them directly to the customers. The in-built features enable the users to connect to the online consumers directly and dispatch the items to their doorstep. To ease the working the experts of the mobile app development company have built three individual panels. These are- 

  • Customer Panel App
  • Admin Panel App
  • Delivery Panel App 

To make the online features more sophisticated for the users, you can add or remove the features. The number of features, user experience, and user interface- everything depends on the choice of the owner, money they wanted to invest in developing an online mobile grocery delivery app solution. 

Online Grocery Delivery App Are Helping in Coronavirus Pandemic– 

As we have discussed how the spreading of this contagious virus has affected people around the world. If you are connecting to the supermarket business, or own a grocery store or chain of grocery stores, then you must be aware of the situation arising due to the lockdown. But the grocery delivery app development solution is helping everybody.

  • It is used to reduce the rush in the markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets.
  • It is helping the authorities to fulfill the demands of their citizens so that they can follow the lockdown 
  • You can connect directly to the customers and supply the required items directly to the customer’s place.
  • Through online payment options, your customers can easily pay the money. The multiple payment options such as credit cards, debit cards, and multiple mobile payment gateways have minimized the danger of getting infected. This feature enables the business owners to reduce the tension of calculating the payments. In short, the payments are made so easy and quick.
  • Lockdown was imposed to reduce person-to-person contact. The online grocery delivery app is working on the zero-contact delivery. So the mobile apps for delivering groceries are actually ensuring the implementation of lockdown more tightly. 
  • The scenario where people are losing their business in that situation, the grocery delivery app solutions are helping entrepreneurs to maintain their profits.

If you are looking for a sound option that can help you and your business during COVID-19, then you must go for online grocery delivery services. Talk to our experts, if you have any questions in your mind. Our team will reach you as soon as possible with a robust solution. Leave your queries HERE!

Grocery Delivery Software

COVID-19 Impacts on Grocery Business

 COVID-19 Impacts on Grocery Business

As the number of cases of COVID-19 is increasing day by day, people are preferring to follow the WHO instructions like social distancing, stay inside the house, reduce or avoid the outside movement. 

Many people are worried about buying important products like grocery items, and other daily needs stuff for their home usage. But complete shutdown fails to get them quickly. On the other hand, the service providers, grocery store owners, are finding it difficult to clear their stock and sell the grocery items to their regular customers.

In such a scenario, the mobile apps for grocery delivery are working for the retailers as well as for the customers too.

Today in the market, there is a huge need for mobile delivery apps; some of the food delivery app solutions are working to deliver grocery products all over the world.

COVID-19 Impacts on Grocery Business - Trakop

As per the data available on the Internet that there have been a record number of downloads in the past 2 weeks. Also, some of the big giants have started deliveries via drones.

What Do You Mean by Grocery Shopping Mobile App?

The online grocery shopping apps are enabling grocery stores, supermarkets to get the orders online and schedule the dispatch through the delivery panel to the customer’s doorstep. The online grocery delivery software has filled the gap between the customers and the service providers; as even in a lockdown situation they are taking orders and delivering the grocery products on the mentioned address.

How Online Mobile App for Grocery Delivery Can Help Your Business?

  1. To reduce the spreading of coronavirus, people are preferring to get all the necessary items through online ordering solutions. This can be a big benefit for an individual who wanted to make the profits.
  2. To curb the increasing demand for grocery items of the huge customer base and availability of few suppliers may help you to make your ‘just’ business into a ‘brand’.
  3. Businesses having online solutions are seeing an increase of 30-40% in demand and proportionally supply is also increasing.
  4. On the other hand, businesses having no access to online ordering platforms are mostly struggling to clear their inventory stock, difficulty in getting the exact figures of items left and sold products, reduced sales and zero profits, and much more.

Do You Want The Best Grocery Delivery App Development Solution?

It’s hard for offline businesses to compete with the competition and to survive in the market which will demolish their store/physical presence as well in a few days or weeks. Connecting the grocery business with online delivery app solutions becomes the ‘need of the hour’.  Hence make sure to put your supermarket online. Schedule a demo now.


Has Coronavirus Changed the Working Style of Grocery Stores

Has Coronavirus Changed the Working Style of Grocery Stores

The pandemic outbreak has changed the way of purchasing things, especially groceries. Before the attack of the coronavirus in the whole world, people visit the stores, supermarkets to collect the basic products and items.

But now governments are instructing their citizens to stay inside houses and people are quarantined in their homes that makes it extremely difficult for them to get access to have the necessary grocery items such as milk, bread, dairy products, beverages, etc.

Has Coronavirus Changed the Working Style of Grocery Stores

Today, business owners or people involved in this grocery business having no online application actually have no mode of supplying their stock and no connection to connect their audience. They are at the stack of losing their businesses. Because the movement of people is restricted. Therefore they can’t visit the store or supermarkets physically. All the consumer can do is to get the necessary things through online ordering apps dealing with grocery. The question of whether the coronavirus changed the working way of dealing with their customers remains the same. By the way, the answer is yes.

As per the available data, in the US there were just four percent sales done with the help of grocery delivery app solutions.

Why Are People Facing Towards Grocery Delivery Apps?

But COVID-19 has pushed the people to pick the online solutions to purchase the groceries. The online market has seen a boom in the last few months. As per the available data, the various well-known brands that deal with these items have seen a great hype in the downloads of the mobile apps for grocery delivery.

For example- Instacart, Walmart’s grocery app, and Shipt have increased 218%, 160%, and 124% respectively as per the previous year.

People are more inclined towards the online solutions for the purchase because they are offering ordered products at their home addresses. Moreover, they don’t have any fear of getting infected from the coronavirus. At this moment, everybody is looking for online door-to-door delivery solutions. Therefore, why would anybody go out to take such things if they are accessible through their smartphones?

Want Online Mobile App for Grocery Delivery to Make a Difference-

I think this question has no sense nowadays. As of now, every grocery store owner already is well aware of the benefits of owning a grocery delivery application irrespective of the place. So, if you are into such a business and have no online solution, discuss it with our professionals and get the best one for your business by spending less. Schedule grocery delivery software demo now.

Make Your Grocery Business COVID-19 Safe

Make Your Grocery Business COVID-19 Safe

Coronavirus has taken the lives of thousands of people across the world. Now it is ruining the businesses. Due to the extended period of lockdown, people are getting panicked for grocery items. Similarly, the grocery store owners are seeking means to reach the customers.

You can’t move freely as governments have asked to stay inside the house and it becomes nearly impossible for the service providers to do business and to sell the necessary items to the customers.

What Options Can Help the Grocery Store Owners?

To follow the rules of the administrations and also to do business in the corona-hit areas, the only alternative is to get attached to the online delivery solution.

The mobile apps for grocery delivery have connected the grocery store owners and consumers. But how the grocery delivery app can work in the pandemic situation and how they are helping the entrepreneurs?

To know, just read below-

How Grocery Delivery App Development Solution Can Help Your Business

Grocery delivery software allows service providers to get grocery orders online and deliver the ordered grocery items to the online clients’ doorstep with the help of delivery staff. The customers can easily choose and order the required product from the list displayed on the app solution. The main panels are-

      • Admin Dashboard
      • Customer App
      • Delivery App

The in-built features of on-demand food delivery app solutions allow the business to operate with ease. You can customize the features as per your business requirements. For that, you must discuss your needs with the grocery delivery app development company’s experts. The professionals would help you in a better way.