How User-friendly Meal Delivery Software Increase the Sales 

How User-friendly Meal Delivery Software Increase the Sales 

Can you think of your life without an eatery? I think NO! Restaurants and food joints are the most important part of our lives and play an incredible role in our society. These foodservice providers irrespective of their sizes, helps people to get the taste of so many different cuisines. We can order them anywhere through online food delivery applications. 

Food Delivery Software

To ease the work and to give a broader platform to the food owners, the experts have made a lot of efforts to develop meal delivery software. The white-label mobile apps for meal delivery help the service providers to expand the business by offering food to their customers. Business-friendly apps can increase sales in a short period of time.

White-Label Meal Delivery Apps-

Users search for endless ways to get a reliable and amazing platform that supports food business and related services. It allows the users to get the food at their mentioned addresses. On the other hand, the online solution that allows the foodservice owners to get the orders and deliver them as per the user’s requirements. Meal delivery app allows customers to choose the food items as per their requirements by choosing the days and time of the delivery. 

This is the reason, today, owners are looking for the meal supply software for their restaurants. Below, we have mentioned how online meal delivery apps help in increasing sales.  

Important Features of Meal Delivery Software-

A mobile app for food delivery has proved to be the best buddy for restaurant owners that can help you to reach the target audience and to expand the business not just to a specific area but throughout the world. The key features that help in achieving all these are- 

  • Registration & Signing Up
  • Browsing Options with Various Filters
  • Food Ordering Facility
  • In-App Tracking Options
  • Multiple Online Payment Methods
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Review and Ratings
  • And Much More

Increase your Business Sales With Meal Delivery Software-

Online Food Solutions are Effortless – 

Why do people choose or prefer online ordering of food? Simply, because they offer effortless delivery. And, the second question arises why the service providers would prefer to use white label meal delivery apps to deliver food? Again, the answer would be the online mobile food applications enable you to sell food online to the users. Amazing features may include – the in-app facility of calculating the price of each item in the cart and ordering them as per the requirement.

Online Food Order And Delivery Facility- 

If you want to know the complete records of sales on your fingertips, online meal delivery software is the only solution that helps you to look after the other things to grow the business sales instead of calculating these things. 

Meal App Offers More Opportunity to Interact with More Customers-

Be it any kind of business, every business owner wants to increase the customer count to sell their products. Food is one of the sectors that deal with numerous food items. Therefore, to fulfill the demands of customers you need to make the menu more attractive to amplify the sales. This further helps in accelerating the revenue graph to a higher extent.

The facility of Paying With Online Multiple Payment Options- 

This is the best option that enables your customers to pay the money for the ordered food. You can get the money directly into the account. 


Last but not least, With so many facilities your food business can definitely increase sales and help you to make more revenue. I Hope, these reasons are enough to connect your food business with the meal delivery software. To get more information, click here




How to Start an Online Food Delivery System With Readymade App?

How to Start an Online Food Delivery System With Readymade App?

The food business is one of the most thriving industries in the world. People are working and using various different ways to lead the competition. Offering the food items at low prices to give free products, are some of the useful methods proving helpful for every service owner working in the food sector. Apart from all these little efforts, there are online readymade apps used to get food orders. These apps are delivering food from restaurants to customers’ doorstep. 

Food Delivery App Development - TrakopInstead of developing individual mobile app development solutions, most of the small scale businessmen are preferring to start with the online readymade food delivery applications. Before heading towards the next section of the blog, let’s discuss the objective of connecting to these ready-made applications. Well, everybody wanted to make more revenue, and these online services enable it.  

Today, home delivery of food is one of the well-known delivery systems that everybody is looking for. It is making it a way necessary to connect to an online delivery app dealing with food. In this era of COVID-19, it is the food delivery applications that are supporting restaurant owners and other food making firms. Let’s discuss how these food delivery service providers are getting benefits from these online ready-made applications used to deliver meals?   

Top Reasons to Start with Food Delivery System with Online Readymade App- 

Without any doubt, the delivery system has infused a new power to the food industry. Nobody can deny this option if they wanted to increase their sales, connect to customers, and boost business operations, etc. Ready-made apps are one of the easiest ways to connect with online user customers. The online delivery apps are offering really good options to the startups or small scale food businesses to get meal orders online. Let’s have a look at the reasons to start with a food delivery software with the ready to start the application.

You can Cope Up with the Increasing Demand

Looking towards the food industry, the demand for creating a food delivery app is sky touching. The demands are also accelerated with the spreading of coronavirus outbreak and decisions such as a lockdown. The owners already connecting with these online food solutions were well connected with the customers while the ones who don’t have the access were looking for such options. In addition, a food app is one of the most widely used mobile applications on users’ smartphones. And in the coming years, the demand of the online food app would take the front seat in each and everybody’s phone. One of the reasons is the increasingly busy schedule of people and having less time to cook it for themselves. Therefore, to deal efficiently nothing could be more efficient than online meal delivery apps. 

You can Accelerate Profits with Online Meal Apps

The most important aim of every businessman is to make money. To increase the graph you need to connect with more number of customers and that is possible with online food delivery apps. These online food delivery app development solutions amplify the sales that help in increasing the revenue graph. 

You Can Connect with More People By Spending Less

Due to the availability of the Internet, customers are looking for online food options that offer multiple cuisines. Readymade applications for food are cost-effective options through which you can connect to more number of customers. The features enable you to retain them. 

You can Reduce Mistakes While Getting Food Orders

There is a possibility that humans can make mistakes. Obviously, staff employed to attend the calls and to take orders has the probability to make mistakes while taking food orders. On the other hand, in the online food delivery system, everything is listed, customers just need to go and click on the food orders. Thus, it reduces the probability of making mistakes while working.  


Don’t know how to start with an online ready-made food delivery software? Discuss your requirements for the food business with our experts. We are already supporting numerous food delivery businesses to achieve their goals. They are working well in their spheres. Just get the expert’s advice.



White Label Mobile App for Meal Delivery Services

White Label Mobile App for Meal Delivery Services

Over the last few years, the old school meal delivery services have almost gone from the world. All is because the arrival of white-label mobile apps for meal delivery services have rocked the food market. 

Food Delivery App Development - Trakop

At various places, especially in metro cities, the concept of ordering meals online is too common. Due to the evolution of various food delivery app development solutions, customers find the meal ordering more cost-effective than eating out. Besides, it becomes so easy for online customers to just get the desired food order within a few times at their doorstep. 

If we talk about the well-known food brands used to deliver meals – Zomato, Swiggy, etc have made the delivery of food hassle-free.  To see the benefits, many other people are looking for white label meal delivery app to dominate the food market by delivering it to the customers. 

Hence, if you really wanted to accelerate your food delivery business, it is the best time to go for a mobile app for meal delivery. Here, we are going to discuss some of the important points that would help you to improve your meal services.

What is the White-Label Food Delivery App Development?

The word “white label” was first used when the Disco owners purchased CDs to get the songs. Under the name of white-label one can get a similar advantage of original things. After the usage of this word in the audio world, the white-label was introduced in various other industries too. One of the popular ones is the usage of white-label mobile applications for different businesses.

White label app development is prevalent in the food delivery business these days. These online apps assist in re-branding them in the market. In other words, the white-label mobile apps for meal delivery are developed by experts to support their food delivery services. After changing the color, logo, pictures, videos, etc, the mobile app can be developed to offer meal delivery services in a similar way as the well-known brands of food delivery apps are offering food services. 

To make the white label meal delivery app customer-centric and business-friendly, food service providers can customize the features as per their business needs.

Why Do Food Businesses Need White-Label Meal App Development Solutions?

Without any doubt, the whole world is taking advantage of innovative technology by advancing the present solutions for connecting with more customers and representing their services. All is done to make more profits and to increase productivity. Below, we have mentioned some of the points that would explain to you the reasons to have a white label solution for the food delivery business.

White Label Food Apps Improves Food Business– 

In the food business, it is very important to have something different that can increase the visibility among the food services whether it is ordering or food delivery. It also helps in increasing the number of customers by improving brand visibility among hundreds to thousands of food delivery app solutions. With the mind-blowing functioning and incredible features, one can easily make their just food services into a brand.

In every area, there is a particular brand that people actually know. Find out which one is storming in the areas where you are already offering food delivery services or are planning to give the food services. Be the brand of your area and of course of your business. For that, it is important to include all impeccable features that offer great visibility.

White Label Mobile Apps for Food Business to Accelerates Profits –

The most important aim of every businessman or service provider is to make huge revenue. Service providers of food services face different challenges while offering services. In this tech-savvy world, where everybody owns a smartphone, people prefer to shop or order from online applications. Hence it is important to be there in every customer’s access so that you can offer the meal services easily. All these will help you to churn out maximum profits.

Online Mobile Apps for Meal Delivery Offers A Complete Picture of the Business- 

Every business has its own challenges. It becomes crucial to cope up with everything. From knowing the total number of customers to the area you are going to deliver food services, a list of meal items, deciding the price of each food item, etc – There is so much to look for in a business. A mobile app for meal delivery enables service providers to manage everything easily. 

From customers to delivering them an ordered meal, the total number of orders placed, payments made by different payment ways, total delivery men present, and offering services, each move can easily be scanned with God’s eye that is white label meal delivery apps.


Are you looking for an IT company to develop a white-label mobile app for your meal delivery business? If yes, we are the best mobile development company for developing white-label mobile apps for the food industry. Just discuss the things with our experts. 





Benefits of Food Delivery Apps for Restaurants

Benefits of Food Delivery Apps for Restaurants 

A lot has been changed with the arrival of innovative technology. Food businesses or restaurants are efficiently adopting advanced technologies in food delivery app solutions. As nobody wanted to spoil the customers just because of misunderstanding over the phone, fumble with food orders, etc. To work independently, the restaurants are choosing mobile apps for food delivery that further are helping them to increase the share and sales magnitude. 

Benefits of Food Delivery Apps for Restaurants - Trakop

Here, we are going to explain some of the benefits of food delivery app development solutions that everyone must review. After all, each one of us wanted to enhance their business through robust and flexible options. Without any doubt, the online food delivery applications offer benefits for restaurants as well as customers too. 

Mobile Apps for Food Delivery Boost Profits-

We all know, in this technology world, people love to order through online food delivery services. Therefore, according to IT experts, the restaurant owners always wanted to add some advanced features that work as an extra dose for the business. For example- loyalty cards, coupons systems, or discounts that lure customers to order food items through online delivery software. As customers can get their favorite food at less price. On the other hand, the restaurant owners with these features can easily increase their sales and hence the profits quickly too.

Online Food Delivery Apps Allows You to Set the Food Price Quickly 24/7 To Increase Sales-

Comparison with other delivery applications is another advanced feature that may help restaurants to know the exact price of certain food items. To increase sales this feature enables restaurant owners to easily set the rate of every individual food item. Besides this, the characteristics enable them to check and compare and set the price of the complete menu. This is an awesome option to increase sales quickly.   

Food Delivery Apps Enable Owners to Offer Dine-in Home Option to Customers- 

According to various studies, people love to eat at home. According to them, eating on their favorite couch is much more relaxing than eating at restaurants. No matter how cool, expensive the decor of the restaurants is. With online food delivery apps, service providers are able to cater to the demands of the customers quickly.  

Even these online restaurant management software enable the consumers to pre-order the food orders and whenever they feel hungry they can just proceed with the food order. 

Food Delivery Software is Quick, Easy and Comfortable-

The online users of restaurant apps can select and order food online as food is literally at the fingertips. As per the data, people having age below 35 are much interested in ordering food from online solutions. In fact, it clearly shows that almost 97 % of people use their smartphones to order things and get them delivered at their doorstep. Hence, online food delivery app development solutions are the best way to allure young people or you can say the majority of the customers.

Restaurant Management Software Reduce the Errors in the Ordering-

It happens quite often while taking orders on telephonic calls when the customers either do not specify the order requirements or the person at call forgets to ask the specifications- all these things sometimes lead to food order errors and sometimes restaurants lose their customers. But with the online ordering applications, the foodservice providers can easily manage, organize and handle the whole food business from keeping an eye on the delivery experts, ordering details, customers, to the total profits in a day, week, or month. 

In conclusion, there is hardly any doubt that there are so many benefits to having online food delivery app development solutions to automate the whole restaurant business hassle-free. If you have any questions related to the development of a mobile app for food delivery, you can share your business details or related queries with our experts. We will come up with the best option ASAP. 

How Food Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Apps

How Food Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Apps

In the past decade, the mobile application industry has thrived a lot not just in one particular industry but it has changed the way of doing business for every industry. The innovation has made life easier, stress-free and delightful. The market is flooding with mobile apps. Everyone at least opens ten apps for different works. Mobile applications actually made us habitual of using it and getting services using these online services. Out of these food delivery app development is one of the options that is coming on the mind of everyone and of course is one of the most used options too. The business owners agree that their food delivery business actually thrives like anything and helped them in growing it to the extended parts.  

How Food Business Can Thrive With Online Delivery Apps - Trakop

If you are the one who really wants to grow your food industry but doesn’t really know the unknown power of this technical field, then don’t worry about food delivery software can help in managing your business even in less budget too. Just keep in mind a few of the points while going online or representing your business online. 

Your online software should have an attractive UI- User-interface is one of the things that can make or break your online business and may impact your sales too. The user interface includes an appealing design that represents your services; usage of colors, design, the way of representation of food items, etc. Plus, the clarity of pictures of cuisines, detailed ingredients added in the meal item, a price tag that shows the inclusion or exclusion of taxes are some of the parts that make an online food delivery software service the better one. 

The mobile app for food delivery software should be user-friendly- User-centric apps or user friendly are some of the terms that customers love to use. For example- how many clicks are required to order a meal, functionality of the app and delivery of the food are some of the things that make the online software user-friendly. Basically, ease of placing an order that requires fewer formalities, less usage of irrelevant information that leads to order the food hassle-free are some of the important points of food delivery apps.

Estimation time to reach the food at your doorsteps- With the usage of the latest technologies, you can give an estimation of the time required to prepare the food and total time required to reach the food at your customers’ doorstep. These things connect your online clients with your services and are one of the factors that increase the trust in your services. 

In-app payment Options- Various online payment options are the need of the hour for every business that may include multiple methods such as- credit cards, debit cards, mobile payment gateways, cash on delivery options, etc. The online payment has made the payment convenient, secure and fast for the owners. 


The online food delivery software may help you to make your just restaurant or food delivery business a brand. It is very important to discuss your requirements with the expert people that have experience working or developing the food delivery app solutions. 

Corona Impacts on Food Business

Corona Impacts on Food Business

COVID-19 is impacting the food industry badly. Food businesses of all the categories dealing with getting the meal orders to deliver them to the customer’s doorstep like giants like Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy to the small street vendors are facing a huge loss due to the strict lockdown across the world. But still, there is a great demand for food in the market. People are not stepping out due to the fear of getting infected from this contagious virus. Various rumors in society is another thing that is scaring everybody not to step out. 

Corona Impacts on Food Business

Now to solve the problems of feeding the students, employees who are staying out and far away from their homes, the administration and governments of various places are taking the help of online food delivery applications because a drowning man will clutch at straws 

What Do You Mean by Online Food Delivery App?

The online mobile app for food delivery is a perfect way to get the online orders of food even during coronavirus lockdown. The delivery of the food is made possible through the dispatching panel in which the delivery staff delivers the ordered food to the customer’s place. 

Let’s discuss how these meal delivery app development solutions are helping society.

How Online Food Ordering Development Apps Can Help Your Business?

  • The online food delivery app can be a relief for the end customers, especially those who are staying out of their town due to study or job in PG’s, private hostels, etc who don’t have the access to the food. Therefore, the customers can order from their smartphones with a few clicks. 
  • The young students (school going) who are told to be quarantined inside the home as the coronavirus is affecting the young or elderly people more may use the online food delivery application to order the food to get them at their doorstep.
  • Food vendors can sell food without any hassle using an online mobile app for meal ordering and can reach the targeted audience directly amid curfew.
  • As a business owner of a food facility, you can keep track of the deliveries through the delivery app panel as well as maintain the records of inventory that may include- stocks, orders, deliveries, easily without any issue.
  • Through the multiple online payment options, you can put your transactions online and get the payment directly into the account.

Do You Want The Best Food Delivery App Development Solution?

Obviously, after reading so many benefits of online portals delivering ordered food, everybody would love to own an on-demand food delivery application. If you wanted to connect directly with your customers, mark your needs and discuss them with the experts of mobile app development companies. 

Has Coronavirus Changed the Food Industry

Has Coronavirus Changed the Food Industry

The answer would definitely be Yes! Hunger is the biggest enemy in this world. At this point, coronavirus and hunger are stepping on the same platform. Someone is dying because of the pandemic infection while some are crumbling because they don’t have the proper food or are not getting it. 

Even though the food is available in abundant quantities but still many people can’t reach it especially in this coronavirus pandemic situation. One of the biggest reasons accounted by the experts is improper or unavailability of ways to reach to the customers.

Has Coronavirus Changed the Food Industry

To cope with the situation, the administration is busy in finding different ways to reach to the local residents in this lockdown condition. In addition, business owners who were already in the food business wanted to proceed with their sales. But the question is HOW? Well with the home delivery option is the best one where one can follow the social distancing and also reach to their customers. Similarly. The customers may get readymade food without stepping out of their houses. So for that, you may get the advantage of online food delivery app solutions. Wanted to know more about it? Read Below!

What Is Mobile App For Food Delivery –

Food delivery apps enable business owners to display the meal items on the menu and can change it if required. The customers can choose any of them with the few taps on the list. The in-built features make it more reliable and easy for the business people as well as for the customers. 

Another benefit of using this online solution is that your consumers can easily compare the price with other online portals by using on-demand food delivery app solutions. Therefore, your customers can choose and order food at the lowest rate. This is considered as one of the advanced features of the meal delivery application.

Why People Are Facing Towards Food Delivery Applications? 

The main reasons are-

Has Coronavirus Changed the Food Industry

  • It enables the business owners of food corners to take meal orders at any time even in lockdown situations.
  • Easy availability of food at doorstep even while following the quarantine instructions
  • Multiple online payment options
  • Increase in the sales
  • And many more.

Wanted to connect with an Online Food Delivery App Development Solution-

If somebody is saying that you can business in pandemic situations, I think everybody would love to know more about this idea and definitely will get attached to it. Therefore, if you are into any food business and have no online portal, discuss it with the professionals and get the best one for your business by spending less. Request a Demo.

How restaurants can work In Lockdown Situations

How restaurants can work In Lockdown Situations- Mobile Delivery Apps

In the whole world, there are few places that have not seen any coronavirus infection patient. The countries that are fighting with this pandemic have seen a great downfall in the overall economy. Due to mismanagement and insufficient modes of supply connections in the demand and supply result in a panic-like situation.

People enjoy eating out, going with their near and dear ones in their favorite restaurants. But due to this lockdown, the wheel of life has stopped somewhere. As per the owners of restaurant owners, they are facing a huge downfall in revenue because everybody is quarantined. 

How restaurants can work In Lockdown Situations

On the other hand, there are so many outlets that are offering services and connecting with the customers by delivering food to the consumer’s doorstep. Now the question is how they are doing so? The answer is simple, that they are taking advantage of online portals. 

Online Restaurant Food Delivery App-

Also named as restaurant management software– an online app solution used to showcase the menu online that enables the customers to pick and order their favorite food item which is delivered with the help of delivery experts from the restaurant kitchen to the customer’s address.

How Do Online Solutions Work During Pandemic Situations To Deliver Food?

Reservation Management- This feature works well for the owners if your customers wanted to book a table/s.   

Inventory Management- The stock of the food remaining or consumed can easily be tracked, organized with this feature. 

Experts (Workers) Management- How many people are working in your restaurant and how many are present or left; the complete information and their data can easily be handled through expert management.

Online Food Delivery- The feature allows you to take orders from the online customers and deliver them to their mentioned address. 

Online Payments- For the ordered food, consumers can use the multiple payment options that may include credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment gateways.

Accounting- How much food is delivered in the pandemic situation and revenue generated from the delivered food can be accounted for by this feature. 

Reporting & Analysis– At what point sales increases and on what point the graph was decreased can easily be analyzed through this feature of a food delivery app for a restaurant. 

Everythings can easily be managed and scheduled with the help of online software. Now have a look at some of the benefits of restaurant management software. 

Do You Want a Restaurant App For Food Delivery for your Restaurant?

If yes, then discuss it with the experts. We have expert professionals working on various food delivery app development solutions for various business sizes. Contact Us Now! 

Covid-19 Lockdown: How food delivery app is responding to customer’s needs

Covid19 lockdown: How food delivery app is responding to customer’s needs

So, the lockdown situation is not there in a country but there are so many countries that have declared complete shutdown over the working and movement. Countries that had taken pandemic lightly are facing continued deaths and the number is not stopping anymore. Italy is one of the live examples in front of us. All is done to curb the spreading of this contagious virus. 

Amid all this situation, it has become difficult for people to enjoy ready-made food or to purchase it from their favorite food corner or enjoy eating out in the restaurant. As per people around are missing it badly. 

How food delivery app is responding to customer’s needs

Is There Any Access to Get the Food During Lockdown?

Although there is limited access for the people to come out from their homes to get the food, people are so scared to come out of their places despite the fact that they have limited time in a day to get the food. On the other hand, some of the service providers of food delivery app services or the owners of restaurants are able to work or unable to give services to their customers. 

Now, you would be curious to know the answer to this question: how to serve the customers in the Covid-19 lockdown situation. Read Below to know the answer-

Serve your Customers Online Through Food Delivery App Solutions- 

Yes! The answer is to deliver the meals through the food ordering apps. The curfew-like situation is compelling people across the world to purchase things through online app solutions. Service providers having no online portal that represents their businesses online can easily get orders through mobile apps.

Benefits of Connecting with a Mobile App for Food Delivery-

  • You can take orders online within seconds
  • You can represent your business online
  • You can maintain the list of food menu
  • You can Serve your Customers by contactless food deliveries
  • Online apps reduce the spreading of the virus
  • You can collect the payment directly into your account.
  • People can get hot food 
  • You can make profits

Get Attached to The Best Food Delivery App Development Services?

Do you want to take food orders and deliver them to the customers even in a coronavirus pandemic or lockdown situation? If yes, just own an on-demand meal delivery app. For that, you need to share the requirements of your business with the mobile app development expert.

Make Your Food Business COVID-19 Safe

Make Your Food Business COVID-19 Safe

The coronavirus has made our lives hell not just for the one but for everybody- business owners, citizens and of course for the governments of different countries. Getting food is a major problem. As restaurant owners or other food offering services are unable to sell in pandemic situations.

Make Your Food Business COVID-19 Safe

The food businesses are not as safe as per the owners. But the online delivery and management systems are helping them. How? Let’s Read-

How Can You Save Your Food Delivery Businesses in Coronavirus Situation?

The answer is to get attached to the online food ordering app solution. The mobile application for food delivery has filled the gap between the customers and the food providers or restaurant owners. To know how food delivery software can work and how they are helping people read the following text.

Online Food Delivery And Management Solutions

The food delivery app solutions are helping the service providers to deliver the ordered food to the online clients’ place. The customers need to choose and order the food from the menu. With the help of the delivery staff, the admin scheduled the delivery of food at the mentioned timings and instructions. The in-built features of on-demand food delivery app solutions allow you to deliver the order items smoothly. The multiple payment options help you to get all the transactions done within seconds.

What Are the Features of Food Delivery App Development Solution

To deal with the pandemic situation, the following features play an important role in helping the business owners to provide the food.The main panels are-

      • Admin Dashboard
      • Customer App
      • Delivery App

Like the concept of connecting customers with online food delivery solutions? Want a solution where you can add or change the food items as per availability or demand? If yes, contact us for online food delivery software.