Executive Team

Great minds behind this successful product

Sunil Garg Founder

Who leads by using the change approach spend much of their time motivating employees through speeches and meetings.

Ravi Garg Founder/CEO

Do more with less, and always upgrade to new technology. Being a CEO is great, but being a role model is the toughest job in the world!

Siddharth Khindri Product Manager

Identifies the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, articulates what success looks like for a product, and rallies a team to turn that vision into a reality.

Technical Team

We Did the Hard Part, So You Don't Have To

Harpreet Sidhu
Vivek Sharma
Nitish Sharma
Jaskaran Flora
Sukhpreet Brar
Rajnikant Choudhary
Abhishek singhal

Creative Team

Thinkers, Makers, Explorers - who make designs alive

Tejal Rawat
Aniket Prasad

Sales & Marketing Team

People that make the magic happen

Swati Malik
Neeraj Bisht
Manish Verma
Divya Agnihotri
Vipin Paliwal

Customer Success & Quality Team

Pillar of Support

Aakriti Kaura
Heena Singla
Amanjot Kaur
Tavishi Manohar

Our Customer Base

Currently, our delivery management software is helping hundreds of businesses around the globe.