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The Story of Ghomoo – Revolutionised Dairy Delivery


GhoMoo is Chennai’s leading milk brand, delivering only the freshest and purest cow milk to your doorstep. Ghomoo believes that organic is more than just a buzzword; it promises purity and authenticity. They focus on providing genuine desi cow milk without artificial flavours, preservatives, or other additives while offering quality that meets affordability.


In India, the dairy industry is vast but plagued with challenges, especially adulteration. Consumers often received milk that was mixed with water or other substances, compromising its nutritional value and purity. Ghomoo recognised the seriousness of the issue and sought to address it by establishing an organic milk farm. Years of experience have made them experts in animal husbandry and care.

The Concept

The core concept of ‘Ghomoo’ was simple yet powerful: connecting farmers who produce high-quality milk with consumers who value freshness and purity. It is an emerging firm that aims to deliver pure cow milk and ready-to-cook organic greens to their customers. Furthermore, they strive to simplify the intricate supply chain and deliver products at the right time and in a convenient way for their customers. GhoMoo maintains transparency in every aspect of its operation, including its organic agriculture and hygienic packaging, allowing it to build long-term relationships with customers.

Business model

The business was launched in “2020” and serves more than 800 customers in 85 regions in Chennai. Ghomoo’s business model relied on leveraging technology to streamline the milk supply chain. They used subscription-based delivery management software that had three modules- the admin panel, the customer interface and the driver application. The brand offers a mobile app that allows consumers to place orders, choose delivery schedules, and track their orders. The admin panel allowed the business owner to have complete visibility and control over their business. The driver application gave the drivers clarity about the deliveries for the particular day.

Challenges Faced by the Brand

Multi-hub management – This entails the distribution of milk from a single location to various hubs, from which it is delivered to the customers. Managing multiple hubs from a single system requires a robust, centralized solution that can help manage the entire business. Managing multiple milk stores is a challenge when it comes to offering region-based pricing.

Centralized office for customer management – Ghomoo focuses on the customer-centric approach for which they wanted a different centralized solution for customer management. A separate team dedicated to improving the customer experience is in charge of customer experience and brand loyalty. This improves transparency between the business owner and the customers. Doing so also helps increase brand trustworthiness as customers get in contact with a centralized customer management team and not just the hub manager.

Offer sample products – Offer free sample products to improve customer acquisition. Customers can request a sample by filling out a form without logging in. Once the request is made, the customer service team gets in contact with the customer. Ghomoo also needs a financial report to track the money spent on sample products and the customer acquisition rate.

Assign route to a different hub – Ghommoo wants the convenience of assigning a particular delivery route to a different hub. This is done when a hub’s milk capacity is full; the business owner can then assign the route to the nearest hub to maintain balance.

The solutions offered by Trakop

After thorough research, Ghomoo integrated “Trakop,” a subscription-based delivery management software. With a clear goal of providing a customer-centric solution, the team found Trakop best-suited for:

Multi-hub management – Using a centralized solution, Ghomoo can manage and track his entire business. As the business delivers milk in 85 regions in Chennai, they can offer region-wise pricing. The business owner is the super-admin who gets complete visibility of their multiple-hub operations.

Customer traction – The mini CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows them to manage their customers in a centralized place. Having data on customers being served from different hubs helps the super-admin offer a personalised customer experience, improving customer satisfaction scores. Customer management at a centralized level enhances loyalty towards the brand.

Define the free product category – Defining the product type allows the business to offer free product samples to their customers who want to try their products. The customer can request samples of the products and then the customer care executive can contact the customer directly.

Track deliveries from various hubs – The super-admin can track milk deliveries that are being delivered from various hubs. They have access to the consolidated delivery report, where they can check the number of deliveries completed, pending, and rejected.

About Trakop

Trakop is an intelligent ERP solution built for subscription-based businesses like milk, water, and grocery. The software provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to efficiently manage their deliveries, including order tracking, route optimisation, dispatch management, customer communication, and more. Trakop aims to simplify logistics and delivery management processes for businesses, allowing them to handle the complexities of last-mile delivery more efficiently, particularly in the rapidly growing online food and grocery delivery sectors.

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